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How to Do a Dutch Braid – Image & video Tutorial

How to Do a Dutch Braid - Image & video Tutorial

A Dutch braid is something different than fishtail braid and if we exactly know how to do a French braid we can definitely go for a Dutch braid. Dutch braids are not as hard as they patterns, they may look confusing but are quite easy and similar to the French braid.

All Types of Dutch Braid Hairstyles

Dutch Braid hairstyles

A Dutch braid is known as a reversed braid or inside out braid, something similar to a French braid but not exactly. The technique for making the French braid is almost same as the Dutch braid, but the only thing with which Dutch braid is different is that instead of running it

Easy Hairstyles with Stylish Braids

Easy Hairstyles with Braids

Among all the particular hairstyles braids are recommended as the most preferred one and also loved by all in great favor. But the most common problem is that braids are not always easy to hold on and though it is also a very time-consuming hairstyle. Basically, whenever we hang out

How To Do Fishtail Braid – Image & Video Tutorial

How To Do Fishtail Braid - Image & Video Tutorial

If you are having a long, fine textured hair with high or low volume in length and weight, then your first choice for selecting a hairstyle is fishtail braid. The loose pattern tied in a side way or braided in a backward direction looks good no matter what we are

Cute Braided Boho Hairstyles

Braided Boho hairstyles

Amazingly! What a cool combination ever of braids and a Boho hairstyle. As soon we got to hear about this stunning combination we couldn't wait to style one of ourself. A Boho style is something which is the version of a new wave hairstyle of glamor and will never go

Braided Wedding Hairstyle


“Her dangling braids, the color of rain”. A very famous quote about braids, as braids have always been proved the best style statement suitable for every occasion and whenever we reveal about wedding hairstyle the very first choice of ours is braids as it adds extra essence to our glamour