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Red hair color shades for women 2019

Red hair color shades

There is a dazzling array of beautiful red shades from blonde to strawberry red color which gives no rules to your mood and choice. Red Shade is rare color and is very appreciable at all extent. The red shade either vibrant, total blonde or small strips always look attention grabbing

24 Awesome Shades of Platinum Blonde Hair color

Shades of Platinum Blonde Hair

Platinum blonde shades are going extensively amazing nowadays. There is a huge craze of this hair color due to its extraordinary appearance. Although getting towards a platinum blonde hair is not always easy. You need to face many challenges because the look itself is not so easy. Platinum blonde shades

Vibrant Shades of Red Hair Color

Shades of Red Hair Color

Although there are different kind of hair shades that make us feel fascinated towards them. But there is something different about the red shade. A beautiful red hair color contrasted with your natural hair can easily attract anyone towards it. You can easily add a spice of gorgeous outcome in

Trending Styles of Dark Hair with Blonde Highlights 2018

Dark Hair with Blonde Highlights

Styling with different hues on your hair is the latest trend. The soothing highlight makes the appearance more attractive. In a case for a dark hair, the choice for highlights should be quite clear because the statement of coloring dark hair becomes quite tough. Especially to select a reasonable shade

New Ideas for Short Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights 2018

Short Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Highlights on hair are not so surprising these days. Different shades of different patterns and colors of hair are a common trend nowadays. But still, blonde highlights play an vibrant role. Blonde highlights are almost suitable for both long and short hair, especially on the brown color hair. But in

30 Fabulous Ideas for Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights 2018

Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Brown hair with blonde highlights, a style which itself sounds amazing. Blonde shades are the most predictable style for every woman with brown hair no matter curly or straight. There is no doubt that all blonde highlights of delicious shades are really exciting for brown hair. Any other color can

Types and Benefits of Vegetable Hair Dye

Vegetable hair dye types and benefits

Dyes and colors that you use are full of chemicals and unsafe substances, which cause great damage to your hair. To color your hair, this is a sincere advice that starts considering vegetable hair dye. They are a much safer option, as they do not contain chemicals & other harmful

Latest Hair color Trends for Old Women

Latest Hair color Trends for Old Women

Coloring up your hair with different shades has no bounding of age and creates a new spirit to your look. Sometimes coloring our age after a high age becomes quite necessary because your hair starts losing their own color and fades away your look. So if you too are now