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10 Types of Astonishing Side Ponytail for Women

A ponytail is the one of those hairstyles which will never go out of fashion no matter how much latest hairstyles are in trend. It is the only hairstyle which is carried from ancient times and will be carried till decades apart from being the favorite choice of all. We all are very familiar that whenever we have to go out for any kind of occasion the very first choice regarding hairstyle which traps our mind is a ponytail as is it easy and also a very time saving one. Early morning when we are late we can easily style with a ponytail and leave home with extra confidence that we are looking good. I heartily understand the essence of ponytail in your life so to make that choice a favorite one I have mentioned below some of the best creative ponytail ideas, as we all know that the days to tie a pony back side is gone and this simple style is yet not simple and has adopted many types of creativity in it. Usually, the style, for now, is a side ponytail, which will be wrapped at one side of your face above the ear with a loose opening. And for your sake, let me tell you this side ponytail is a style which easily suits on all face types and all types of hair are appropriate for this style. So, this time, add your favorite ponytail in your daily routine, but in a much-modified way and for that you just have to go below and have a look on some latest side ponytail hairstyles ever.

10 Types of Astonishing Side Ponytail

Ten types of astonishing side ponytail hairstyles are –

Long side straight ponytail

10 Types of Astonishing Side Ponytail. straigh long pony tail


A very long straight hair will be perfect for this style. If you have a straight hair then you can simply go for this or else you can get one with the help of a straightening iron and then make soft gentle flattering straight patterns on them and then at the corner gently wrap your hair there.

Retro side ponytail

10 Types of Astonishing Side Ponytail retro side pony tail

Retro locks are usually known as a royal hairstyle, so, you can style your hair with this style. You have to  mark your hair with simple gentle curls giving a retro touch and then arrange it with high side parted puff and secure your look with clips.

Messy side ponytail

10 Types of Astonishing Side Ponytail. messy side pony tail

Messy layered hair is the greatest fashion of today’s era. You have to make a messy covering at your side ponytail. Collect all your hair and comb it in a side parted way, with your fingers make a soft gentle twist on the crown area and allow some messed up layers to cover your face from another side.

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Side ponytail with face-framing bangs

10 Types of Astonishing Side Ponytail wavy pony tail with face vframing bangs

This side layered pony tail will be perfect for an evening out with heavy bangs. Comb your hair in a side parted way, the side which you find it appropriate and then collect it to that side. Wrap it there and then softly allow soft straight bangs to cover your face from the other side.

Middle parted side ponytail with bangs

10 Types of Astonishing Side Ponytail middle parted side pony tail with bangs

Middle parted ponytail with messy curls of deep flows and both side face framing bangs. You have to comb your hair in a middle parted way and then secure it to a side ponytail. Allow side striped bangs from both the sides to cover your face.

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