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12 Anti-ageing Hairstyles for Women over 40

High age can’t bind your beauty and your aspect to look gorgeous. Although you are worried that you are about to be 40 or already stepped in that, and if you think that at this age you are not going to look trendy or appealing anymore, then you are completely wrong. Because there are yet many steps and methods that can make you look much younger than your age. Makeup and anti-ageing gel can hide your wrinkles, but not for every time, instead, you can try to do something better than that like going for a new haircut which, which not only will be trendy but will also help you to look younger. So, if you want that then you are at the right place. Because here below I have mentioned some of the best hairstyles that are not only classy but also very stylish. Makeup will fade away after a while, but a perfect hairstyle remains for a long time. So it’s time to step away from those typical boring hairstyles which you are using from ancient times and try out these extra classy anti-ageing hairstyles. No matter what type of face you are having whether it is a long, broad, round or square these hairstyles are suitable for all and even for you. The size of your hair also doesn’t matter because there is one for each kind of hair. Whether, you are having a long or a short haircut, here there is something for all of you. Now, the only thing you have to do is to choose one hairstyle according your choice to look the prettiest young lady even in your 40s or above that.

12 Anti-ageing Hairstyles for Women over 40

Anti-ageing hairstyles for women over 40 are –

Long layered hair

anti ageing hairstyles for women over 40 layered hair

Layers add some extra features to your hair and apparently you look great. These layers are really glossy and carve your look. If you have a long or medium layered hair then apply this style. Get a long layered cut and then comb in a middle parted way and give it a messy touching.

Layered long pixie

anti ageing hairstyles for women over 40 layered pixie

A long layered pixie cut as we all know gives you a trendy and bold look. You can get a short layered pixie cut till your neckline and then arrange it in a messy look with layers and comb it in a back swept way. You can also style some soft face framing bangs.

Long bob cut with side swept bangs

anti ageing hairstyles for women over 40 bob cut with side swept bangs


We all know that apart from being stylish, we should also have to look decent at this age which is an important part of today’s era. Obviously, if you are looking decent you have to look stylish too. Go for this haircut if you want such type of style. A long bob cut with a side parted look with a layered edge. Then comb your hair in a side parted look after which you should allow some side swept bangs to cover your face from the other side.

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Straight medium layered cut

anti ageing hairstyles for women over 40 straighg medium cut

You can get this style if you have a medium sized hair which is easy to manage. A medium layered haircut which should be straight and short messy pixie


Short messy pixie

Anti-ageing Hairstyles for Women over 40 sassy pixie

A very short haircut gives a cute look so it’s definitely a right choice to style with a short haircut. Get a short layered cut and then arrange it with spikes. You can give it a messy textured way.

Wispy pixie

Anti-ageing Hairstyles for Women over 40 wispy pixie

This is the another pixie cut where you have to style with very short and tiny layers of hair shortly cropped in layers and then combed in a messy way.

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