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14 Easy Basic Tips for Curly Hair Care

Everyone just loves to have curly hair, it sets your hairstyle distinguished from others as most women have a straight or wavy hairstyle. But no matter how gorgeous it looks, it still is difficult to handle. As it is very dry and frizzy and is most likely to get split ends and breakage. But it is possible to manage them, just go through the article we’ve given below on how to manage curly hairs.

14 Easy Basic Tips for Curly Hair Care

Get a good hairstylist

Hais stylist

First of all, you need to get a good hairdresser to style your hair. You need to find a hairstylist who knows their work and can take good care of your hair.

Not all hairdressers can style your curly hairs, so find a hair salon with a good reputation to give you haircuts. Trim your hair only top gets rid of split-ends as curly hairs are slow in growth. If you want to make your hair curly then keep one thing in mind that it should suit your face-type because if not then you will make a fool out of yourself.

Condition your curly hairs

Conditioner for curly hairs

Apply conditioner to the length of your hair minimally, only near to the scalp. Keep the conditioner for as long as possible as that keeps your hairs moisturized for a longer period of time. Applying the conditioner from mid-length to the end of your curly hair will give extra smoothness and softness to it, plus keeps the frizziness down. You can also keep the conditioner on throughout the night.

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How often should you wash your curly hairs?

wash curly hairs

Washing your hair often can cause damage your hair as the natural oils from your hair can get washed away. Also, when we shampoo our hair we lose the existing moisture in the hair and it becomes dry.  After that drying with a towel, hair brushing, and blow dryer can further damage your hair. So to avoid dryness in your hair, apply the shampoo only on the scalp. And then gently apply shampoo at the end of your hair. Wash your hair only twice a week not more than that.

Leave-In Conditioner

Leave-In conditioner

After every wash, apply conditioner to the tip of your hair. If they are still dry, use a leave-In conditioner.

Keep a Stock of Hair Products

Stock of hair products

Always keep styling gels, heat protectants and anti-frizzy serums in stock. You never know when you might need on all of a sudden.

Hot oil Massages

Hot Oil Massage

Conditioners are good for providing moisture to your hair but we should provide extra nutrients to our hair. To do so treat your hair with hot oil massages. Mix in oils like olive, castor and almond oil to your coconut oil and warm it up. Massage your scalp with this mixture one hour before bath only once a week.



Detangling dry hair can make it frizzier, so it’s advised to detangle curly hairs when it is wet. Always use a wide toothed comb with soft bristles to detangle your hair. Using anything other than wide toothed comb like narrow toothed comb will cause hair breakage. Detangling needs to be done properly otherwise, it’ll just make it more difficult to manage.

Air dry


Using a blow dryer can only make your curly hair frizzier. So it’s best to let your hair air dry.

Protect your curls

To manage your curls first you should protect it. Never flat iron or roughly comb your hair. Let your hair air dry, blow drying and exposure to extreme heat can only damage your hair. When you use heat appliances, always use a heat protectant and use hair styling equipment only when it is necessary.

Style in Damp Hair

Style in wet hair

Before drying your wet hair completely, squeeze them a little and apply styling gel. Set them in your desired style and then don’t touch them till its dry.

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Stop messing with your curls

Messy curly hair

It’s better to not mess with your curls when it’s dry. As that will make it frizzier.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories

Use Good hair accessories for your hair. Hair accessories can make your beautiful curly hair look even prettier. You can make other girls jealous of your lovely hair by wearing accessories like hair bands, ties, clips and ribbons and bandanas. These hair accessories also come with many different and attractive patterns giving you a lot of good options to choose from. And also, these accessories hold the hair down and looks very stylish.

Use cold water

Cold water can make your hair lustrous and less frizzy, so whenever you take a bath or wash your hair, use only cold water. You should be completely avoiding hot water, as it can take away all the natural oils present in your hair and leave it dry. You can use Luke warm water to wash your hair in the cold climate. Hot water can also force your hair to produce more oil, making your scalp oily and can give dandruff.

HG Shampoo and Conditioner

HG Shampoo & Conditioner

You need to conduct many experiments to determine which shampoo and conditioner suits you well. You can consult your stylist as they’ll know which one will suit your type of hair.

Curl your hair naturally

Curl your hair naturally

Girls with wavy or straight hair can curl their hair naturally by following the methods given below.

Velcro curlers

velcro curlers

In this method, to make your hair curl naturally, first, separate your hair into thin sections and use Velcro curlers on it. Use pins to fix them. Leave them undisturbed for a couple of hours and then let them loose to get your own natural curls.




Another good method to get natural curls is the use of socks. You can use socks to curl your hair, to do that first you need to cut your socks into rubber like shape and then roll your hair through it till it reaches near the crown forming a bun-like shape. Fix it using pins and leave it overnight. Next when morning let them loose to get your desired curls.

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