15 Ever Hit Lob Haircut for women of the Year

A lob haircut is something quite similar to a bob cut, but it has been seen that many of you are sometimes confused between both of it so for you a lob cut is something much modified and briefly scrutinized on the hair than a bob cut. The cut, which is blunt and uniform with no layers are known as lob cut. It elongates the neck and makes you look more static, as you look if you go much short like a bob cut. No matter who are you, if your hair is fine or just spoiled with any artificial touch, this type of hairstyle can again bless you with the real healthy hair. It hides the damage without any haircut which was the only solution for you before to manage your damaged hair and this idea was real, not according to us. Basically, a bob cut is always seen on a bob haircut, but lob haircut is something which has been seen working on a long haircut so definitely made for the one with a long hair. We have seen that the lovers of bob cut have to sacrifice their choice  because they have a long hair and obviously no one can easily get on a fact to move with a short haircut so for them, there is lob haircut. Nowadays this lob haircut is becoming quite favorable for all and is being seen styled on almost every second person so if you are still left out, then you should definitely go for one. And why to wait when already this haircut has been a favorite part of some of your favorite celebs. If we go on a small survey then it has been seen that lob cut was the most suitable style found on many of the celebrities with a long or medium sized hair. A much important benefit of this haircut is that it easily suits all face shape and skin tone and much of all the age also doesn’t matter a lot. Basically, a lob haircut was the most stunning hairstyle of the year overall, but if we have to talk about some of the special lob cuts among the all, which are just too rocking and will be at an all-time hit, then just go beneath and read the article. We’ve discussed some evergreen latest lob hairstyle of this year which fascinated many and also helped many to enhance their look in a much better way. So just go ahead here and find one outstanding style for you and also implement it to look great.

Lob Haircut for women

15 ever hit lobs haircut of the year:-

Side parted short lob cut

lobs haircut of the year Side parted short lob cut

This is a heavenly created look, a very medium sized lob cut which is close to a bob cut but in layers chopped in a long way. A side parted look with some side swept bangs appearing on the face in layers on one side. You can choose the side which you find appropriate and then arrange there in a side parted look. This style is very decent and therefore, is suitable for all age. You can also make the look much more attractive by adding some ombre shades to it.

Messy side swept layers with light shade

lobs haircut of the year Messy side swept layers with light shade

After a decent, simple look you definitely want to style with a messy look that is nowadays counted up to be the spiciest style ever. A medium length hair with layered edges and light color of orange shades with heavy side swept bangs. The hair should be crafted on the other side with heavy structure and a total messed up look arranged all over the shoulders and face. Just don’t comb your hair and instead top arrange your layers. Use a hair straightener to make the look vibrant because the comb makes the look appropriate.

Side pinned front layered long bangs

lobs haircut of the year Side pinned front layered long bangs

This style is totally adorable because in this case your one side will be empty and clean since your hair will be pinned back the below the ear. The other side of the face will be covered with long layered bangs of medium size with cropped edges and highlighted creeps on them. This style is the mixture of both a messy and a decent look. It is  a messy look in the form of bangs because the bangs will be messed up with each other whereas the back parted hair will be straight in a clean combed way. You can simply style it with highlights of light color and choose the colors which you find it suitable.

Middle parted long layered lob cut

lob haircut of the year lobs haircut of the year Middle parted long layered lob cut

Long hair touching the shoulders but still giving you the spirit to touch the essence of a bob cut because in a way it is a similar style to that. You can get a medium sized long haircut and then at the edge don’t forget to get a layered look, this should be started from beneath your neckline and the crown area will be soft with simple highlights and clean combing.

Front falling bangs with a short lob cut

lob haircut of the year lobs haircut of the year Front falling bangs with a short lob cut

This is the most common style almost seen on everyone who wants to grab a decent look with stylish appearance. It is a middle parted lob cut which is short in size and some face-framing on both sides which divides the bangs. It can be tucked below the ears to give a decent look or can also be tucked out to make you look stylish and attractive.

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Straight long layered side parted lob cut

lob haircut of the year lobs haircut of the year Straight long layered side parted lob cut

So all the common followers of a very stunning style with a long straight hair, this style is mainly for you. Here you will be getting a layered long straight hair only chopped in the bushes from the edgy area and rest of the hair is smooth, silky and straight falling beyond your shoulders in a side parted way. You can also add some deep dark shades of highlights to it which can be perfect if it is in a red color. You can use a straightening iron to make all the flat slopes on your look and also allow some hair to cover your face from both sides in a middle parted way.

Middle parted layers with edgy shape at the end

lob haircut of the year lobs haircut of the year Middle parted layers with edgy shape at the end

This style is also something similar to a straight haircut but not completely, because in this case neither the hair will be shaped so long nor your hair will be completely straight and there will be a mixture of both. Your hair will be in two sections, the first one will be covered with straight smooth lines and the below area will be having some cropped and crunch edgy layers. They are not so straight and separated from each other and you can also style it with light shades of highlights.

Two-tone layered hair with straight falling crown

lob haircut of the year lobs haircut of the yearTwo tone layered hair with straight falling crown

In this style, the look somewhere depends on your hair shades and the highlights with which you are choosing your colors. Because there should be two different shades and the cut should also be resembled in the same way, where your down hair will be cropped in layers and the crown area will be styled with a clean combing. And also, as per the style, the crown will be styled with light shades and the deep down messy layers will be styled in dark shades of brown or red color.

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