15 Short Wedge Hairstyles for Fine Hair

The wedge hairstyle is a classic short haircut, which became highly popular in 1970 when Dorothy Hamill won an Olympic gold medal and figured out this extra creative sassy hairdo. After seeing her styling with such hair look it became a very popular style as many were fascinated towards this style and wanted to grab one on their own because the look is classy and fashionable. Therefore, the trend of carrying such a hairstyle has been in view from that time and has become the favorite choice of today’s woman. Even today, many of you really wish to style with such a short wedge cut. It is usually styled on a short cropped hair or more you can do is that on a medium layered cut because it is the perfect suitable style for a short hair look. A wedge hairstyle always looks great because of a flattering layered expression which it leaves after styling and is a better choice for the one with a short hair which is thick and fine textured, because this hair look makes you easy to manage your hair. And for the one who is having light weighted hair and styling, this is a positive option because it creates a heavy stuffy look at your crown area by which your hair looks heavy and stimulated with excess shine and creativity. Obviously after seeing a short wedge hair look, no women can deny the fact that they don’t want a short hair look and that too which is inspired with this creative wedge cut because it adopts the touch of the latest lines and helps you to look bold and attractive. So if you are too very fond of adopting all the latest hair designs then you should definitely go for this style and choose one suitable wedge cut on your face and skin which you find perfect for you from the ones which are mentioned below and simply carve your look in a stunning.

Short Wedge Hairstyles

Side parted blonde bob cut

Short Wedge Hairstyles Side parted blonde bob cut

Wedge hairstyle is usually arranged with layers of long and short pieces throughout the top area. This look will be quite similar where there will be many layers creating fun and then a side parted swept section which frames a short bob cut but quite asymmetrical from one side because long falling will be there at one side of the ear.

Colorful comb over

Short Wedge Hairstyles Colorful comb over

With a short haircut, you can easily create volume on your crown area and this look which is combed with excess falling and layered crops at the side corner will look beautiful with some highlighted strands. Have a Colorful comb-over, and carve your look in a stunning way

Red hot

Short Wedge Hairstyles Red hot

Red itself is a very hot color and because of its appearance on a short wedge cut, it makes the look hot. You should definitely try out this angled layered excess lines filled with bulky strands and shades of color which should be dark and choppy.

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Tousled strands

Short Wedge Hairstyles Tousled strands

A stacked haircut which has equal layers of lines and invented parts filled with thickness and fine textures creates and sensible style which is too dense filled with messy appearance and glossy highlights.

Get the gold

Short Wedge Hairstyles Get the gold

After grabbing this hair look you will seriously feel that you have got a gold appearance at your crown area filled with many streams of highlighted lines and choppy layers which should be of complete golden color and some of the excess brown look should be falling on your face from both sides.

New wedge bob cut

Short Wedge Hairstyles New wedge bob cut

A simple bob cut can be made so elaborating by designing and combining it with a short stacked heavy angled bob cut flattered and blended over with some separated layers of chops and then some deep flicks of highlights to make the look more alluring. Don’t forget to arrange with heavy bangs.

Tom boy cut

Short Wedge Hairstyles Tom boy cut

This hair look will make you look more athletic and superior filled with great passion which should be short and layered back swept with angled lines and some frames of highlights that should be of bold color like red or coffee.

Maroon maven muffin

 Short Wedge Hairstyles Maroon maven muffin


It may sound strange but this style exactly looks like a baked muffin striped out with red color is covering your crown area because the textured shape and lovely falling look great and more over the highlights which play a great role to carve the look.

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