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20 Most Charming African American Short Hairstyles

Sleek and straight


A sleek layered bob cut with extra straight line and a heavy bold look with the bangs covering the forehead. The straight appearance from all over the head and face really looks good.

Wispy pixie


A wispy pixie cut is something which comes in mind as soon as we turn over for a short haircut because the wiped up layers with shattered flex covering the crown looks glossy.

Silky curls with disconnected ends


Usually the curls get fixed with one another and creates a messed up look but here a rolled up short curly bob will be shattered and seprated at the edge in layers, try this in a different way.

Pixie with edgy bangs


A deep pixie cut with shattered layers where the volume of hair becomes very less but a chic style spotted for a perfect look. The added bangs in an extra edgy look completes you to be perfect.

Must see – Jennifer Lopez Hairstyle

Black and red bob


Black are red are always the best combination ever we all know so why don’t we experience this on our hair. Obviously we can and it will really do something different a heavy bold look with short bob and extra highlights.

Formal sleekness


The name itself reveals everything the perfectly sleeked back combed hair with extra fixed look which looks so clean is a perfect one for a formal party.

Disconnected wavy bob


A huge shattered bob with many texturized patterns and layered round up curls in different streaked look you can complete the look by allowing some of the hair to cover your face.

Gilded natural crop


Crimped short bob looks so ideal and stylish also the short simple bob cut curled up and fixed properly will keep your hands free.

Back combed caramel strands


Simple messed up hair with ironed flicked hair pasted in an upward direction and combed back. A very elegant look with simple back combing look with flows.

Mohawk bangs


We all are very familiar with this style a Mohawk cut where the side hair are cropped and shaved t short and in the front crown area the hair is puffed and styled back.

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