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20 Crochet Braids Hairstyles & How To Do

Crochet braids for women are back again and we are sure that it will soon be at the great level. Actually, this is nothing new and is carried from the 80s, but it is much modified in recent times. Usually, women with thick long hair want to style their hair in this way, so that they can make themselves comfortable and easy to carry out their beautiful look. It is the extreme level of braids. So, this time, even you can experience it on your different lengths and hair color, because crochet braids suit on all women. So, go beneath to find out some of the best crochet braids hairstyle to polish your look.

20 Crochet Braids Hairstyles & How To Do

20 Crochet Braids Hairstyles & How To Do 2021

Kinky twist

crochet braid hairstyle kinky twist

These are the super braids among the crochet braid hairstyle which has a lot of twists.

Faux wax

crochet braid hairstyle Faux wax

This faux hawk look with long crochet braid will give an amazing look.

Tight coils

crochet braid hairstyle Tight coils

Long and thick hair are perfect for crochet braids hairstyles to grab this cold look.

Two-toned look

crochet braid hairstyle Two-toned look

This crochet braided hair with extra shades of color in two different shades.

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Faux undercut

crochet braid hairstyle Faux undercut

Undercut style is also a part of crochet braids hairstyle and can be styled this way.

Simple ponytail

crochet braid hairstyle Simple ponytail

Simple long crochet braided ponytail.

Long and straight

crochet braid hairstyle Long and straight

Wear at one side the crochet braids hairstyle whereas the other side you can leave it open.

Tapered cut

crochet braid hairstyle Tapered cut

Crochet braids hairstyles are also for the one with short tapered hair.

Puff twist

crochet braid hairstyle Puff twist

Make your crochet braid hairstyle arrange in this way with a high puff.

Curls with middle part

crochet braid hairstyle Curls with middle part

Arrange the braids to one side with middle parted curls.

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