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20 Hairstyles that make You Look Younger

Long bangs with short cropped


Its sounds so good so what especial effect it will serve if you are experiencing it on yourself. A long side flowing bangs with extra short sized cropped hair at all sides.

Crew cut


You need a lot of guts to more on this style but once you are done you are really the boldest one. A short crew cut which is easy and simple and helps you to look cute.

Extra-long hair


If you are having natural long hair then you are really blessed with something especial which one real wishes to have. A long hair for which you don’t have to do much labor just make a middle parting and leave open.

Piercy pixie cut


A Piercy pixie cut is an easy manageable style with lots of cuteness and beauty. Very short pixie cut with layers streamed all upon.

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Angled bob


An angle line is something in which each size becomes equal. Similarly it’s same in the angled bob cut where gentle stripes of layers with grazed edges will be styled.

Layers with highlights


Colored hair with great defined bold shades really do a lot to enlighten your look. Just choose your favorite bold shades and cover your age with the color of style.

Side parted



An easy way of styling no matter you are doing this on a short or long hair but goes much better on long hair which is collected and parted fixed at one side.

Side parted bob


You love decency so you can experience this look which is sweet, charming and yet stylish which gives you a cuter effect like a child. A short bob cut side parted and combed properly perfectly matches with the sweet smile on your face.

Bun with bangs


The image itself reveals a lot where a high bun with perfect straight bangs are looking so creative. No matter you are tying a high or a loose bun with messed up finish it goes well and stunning when bangs are combined with it.

Puffed updo with bangs


Puffs always makes you look sweet and younger so you can easily go with them. A high updo which is puffed at the crown area and pinned back properly and short sized bangs in front will make your look appealing.

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