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2016 Most Favorable Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

2016 Most Favorable Hairstyles for Your Face Shape
For a perfect look as we all know a perfect hairstyle is important and for that perfect hairstyle knowing your perfect face figure is much more important than that. If only you could really understand about your perfect face size you will be more secure to style a perfect hair look. Face shape effects a lot on our hairstyle but many of us ignore this formula and go for a haircut according to our choice no matter whether it is going to suit on us or not. There are almost as many kinds of different hairstyles which are also very beautiful and soothing, but all hairstyles don’t suit on all kinds of faces. Although if you can choose your dress according to your figure, then how can you stay back at the time of choosing a perfect hairstyle, even at that point of time you need to do a lot and choose one according to your face shape and size. We all know that it’s also not too difficult a hair look as there are plenty of hairstyles different from each other and also beautiful. So among those plenty of hairstyles there are each different hairstyle for a different face and for your luck one is also there for your face type. So why go again for the same boring typical haircut, it’s time to move on an alluring one so that you look different and much fascinating one. As you know if your clothes fit your figure you look the most classy one then imagine if you are going to do something more  by adding a perfect hairstyle which can suit your face size than how charming it would be.

2016 Most Favorable Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

There are mostly six types of face shape which are the most vital one and many types of hairstyles are there which have been divided to accompany these face shapes. Now you have to measure and see that among these six categories of face which are mentioned below here, which one is yours and for that the best hairstyles which are mentioned can be suitable for you. Correctly find one and go for that. So this time adds few more snips to your haircut, and before going to a saloon recognizes your face shape and hairstyle which has been made for you. You can easily measure your face by taking a ruler and then measuring the lines of your brow, cheekbones and jawlines which determines the exact shape of face.  So before going to a suitable hairstyle here below are some tips for measuring your face –

  • While measuring you will get an oval shape if the widths of your brow, cheekbones and jaw lines are almost equal.
  • You will get a round face if your face is nearly as wide as it is long, with your forehead and jaw will be curving at the corner
  • For a heart shape face you will have a wide brow and narrow jaw.
  • For a square one the length and width of your face will be equal.
  • For a diamond one below the ear will be your jaw line and right there will be your chin.
  • For a long one your face will be longer and less wide and your forehead, cheeks and jaw lines will be of same size.



So here were some suggestions for measuring your face type now when your measurement has already been completed you should go for the suitable hairstyles which are mentioned below here. Here there are hairstyles for each kind of face shape so go for the one you wish to have.

Hairstyles suitable for your face shape are:-

Hairstyles for Diamond face shape


So you are having a diamond face shape and your look will be really going to look like a diamond when you are going to style with these hairstyles mentioned below here:-

Side swept


A long medium sized hair with deep parted curls will be perfect for all diamond face shaped ones. You have to just comb your hair properly and make a deep side part. Choose one part according to your choice. Then collect all your hair and pin it one side in a side swept way and lock the look there with bobby pins. Leave the hair open.

Straight and sleek



A medium sized long bob cut with excess straightness and sleekness. Middle parted and left open. You can also add highlights of light shades. Make your long bob cut completely straight and comb it in a middle parted way then leave it open.

Long layered cut with bangs


A long hair with lots of messy layers, as we all know layers provide volume and so is perfect for your face shape. A long layered hair with messy combing and layered side bangs at the forehead. Comb your long shaggy layers in a messy way and allow side swept bangs to cover your face from other side and leave the hair open.

Short layered pixie


So the ones with a diamond face shape if you want to go for a short haircut then you can go for this. A short layered pixie with spikes and combed in a high crafted way. Comb your short pixie in a messy way and style it with gel.

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Face framing bob cut


A short bob cut can also be easy for you if you want a short cut but not that short so this face framing bob cut will be perfect for you. Comb your short bob cut in a messy way, straight towards your face and leave it that way.

Hairstyles for Heart shape face


Now for the ones with a heart face shape all your hairstyle will be the same a romantic one this time and will definitely blew many hearts when you are going to style them. Many kinds of hair look suits on you but especially the layered straight hair as we know straight hair makes us look romantic and also stylish. So go below and get one for you.


Long and straight with similar bangs


As I said straight hair will be the most suitable one, a long straight hair with almost similar kind straight stretching face framing bangs in a long textured look. You don’t need to worry if you are not having a straight hair you can get one with the help of a straightening iron. Comb your straight hair in a middle parted way and then allow straight bangs to cover your face and leave the hair open.

Straight angled bob cut


You can go for this extra stylish look if you want a short cut, a long angled bob cut with side swept bangs. Apart from being stylish this style is also a very decent one and good for a formal appearance. You can get a long bob cut and comb it in a clean look with a side parted look and choose one side to allow the side swept bangs to cover your face, as I said you can use a straightener to make your hair straight.

Layered straight pixie cut


A very short cut with straight layers, an angled layered pixie cut with a messy framing and long angled bangs with shaggy layers at the front. Get a cool straight layered pixie cut and then comb it in a messy way and allow some straight features to cover your face.

Side swept bangs on bob cut


A heavy side swept bang with straight long features and short bob cut with straight angled lines will be perfect for your face shape. You can comb your heavy bangs in a side parted way and leave it hanging beyond your ears. Give a high messy structure.

Straight short pixie cut hairstyle


A very short haircut with deep stripped lines and a messy combing, the layers should be too short and cropped with tiny features. You can comb in a clean cut look to give a better appearance.

Hair styles for Long face



So you are here with your long broad face, you are going to be the most hottest lady this time because you can style with all that you can. Almost all hairstyles suits on your face but the most appealing ones are with waves which when gently hangs on your face serves with the most alluring form.

Messy long waves


A wavy cut will do the best as I said before, waves add extra glow to your hair. Arrange your hair with a long messy wavy haircut with soft hanging features separated and folded in patterns of deep hues. You can carve soft gentle curls in a wavy texture to your long tresses. Allow soft face framing bangs to cover your face.

Medium length bouncy hairstyle


A deep medium length haircut can be perfect for this, you can simply arrange them in a short gentle wavy layers and then leave it in a messy way. Take a comb and style it in a side parted way with loose long waves.

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Side parted short pixie cut


A very short deep cut with cropped pixie combed in a side parted way, the layers will be so short that could hardly capture the comb, arrange it in a side way and leave it that way. It is a best style for formal look.

Long smooth wavy hair


Long haircut with smooth texture and a highlights of light shades covering the soft deep curls at the base and making a wavy texture. You can make a messy combing in a middle parted way and make loose curls at the base with soft face framing bangs at the face which should be striking straight.

Messy high heavy curls in a shaggy layers


Long twisted smooth soft parted curls with numerous layers in a long stripped hair, left in a messy way. You will look the hottest one ever. Those soft romantic curls styled in a messy way with high up do and soft face framing bangs at the face. Settle down this look with a spray so that it remains the way.

Hairstyle for oval face


Do you know that nobody can beat you in hotness and you are the hottest creature on earth because of your long but round face like oval, many kinds of hairstyles are there for you, but heavy hair look with locks and bangs will be better one. Bangs give excess volume to your look, front falling or side swept heavy bangs both are creative, you have a broad space on your face which when is covered with bangs gives the most relevant style ever. Well for your favor some of the hairstyles with the combination of bangs are given below here.

Loose long curls with side swept bangs



You have a round texture so the curls will go easily, long loose heavy curls at the back hanging softly below will be the most romantic style ever. Above that you can style with specific layers of side swept long bangs covering the face from one side and pinned at back of the ear in a loose hanging way. You can easily get this style if you have a long hair. With the help of a curling iron you can simply mark with long loose culs from the base to the edge. Then comb your hair the same way and give it a side parted look. You can choose the side you find it appropriate and then from that side combing allow side swept heavy bangs to cover your face from that side. Leave the hair completely open from all sides. For more perfection you can also mark with gentle highlights, as the look is hot choose some bold colors like red and dark chocolate will be better.

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Straight layered hair with bushy straight bangs


As I said before that bangs will do more creative and better so this time you should style with these heavy bangs straight cropped look. This look will be featured with a straight falling hair with long cool features and above that a straight featured straight heavy bangs, this combination will do better. You can get a straight long haircut and if you are not having a straight hair you can also get one with the help of a straightening iron and make straight gentle slopes. After that you also have to mark those straight lines on your bangs and then comb your hair the same way, open from back with straight layers and then heavy bangs at the forehead. Make the layers messed up with each other but the edges should be in an equal size straight and grassy.

Short bob cut with flickering face framing bangs


A very short cropped hair is also a great job if you want to be on a look exactly like you bold and beautiful. A very short sized cropped bob cut with pattern of soft flicks which will look like soft curls but exactly not and that look will be a messy one with face framing bangs. You can just go for a short cropped bob haircut with loose flicks. With the help of an straightening iron just give a twist at the middle on each layers of your hair and then comb your hair the same way, by allowing some face framing bangs to cover your face in the equal size and then comb it in a middle parted way and leave it open.

Short curly bob with side swept straight featured bang


A short curly bob with specific highlights will make your look stormy and also hot. A very short cropped bob with soft loose curls at the edge, and a straight side swept bang will be the coolest combination ever. You can easily get a short cropped bob cut and carve loose curls, you can get these curls with the help of a heating rollers and mark with gentle slopes of curls. Be sure you are only curling the edge area and not the base because it will remain straight and sleek and then mark with soft side bangs which will be swept back in a side way and pinned back the ear. You can make a side combing according to your choice and allow some rolls other than bans to covey your face from the opposite side.

Straight angled bob cut with bangs and side parted look

straight angled bob cut with bangs

A long layered bob cut will be perfect for this style, with straight features and a bit of twist at the edge side parted with a straight and sleeked look. You can get this look by getting a straight medium length bob cut with straight lines. With the help of an straightening iron you can just give a short rolls and twist at the edge leaving the whole base straight and comb it in a side parted look and allow the one side which ever you find it suitable to cover your face from while the other one will be pinned back beyond the ears. Add a little light shades of highlights on this appearance and you will get a perfect formal look with a decent and stylish appearance.

Hairstyle for round face

hairstyles for round face


You are the cutest creature on earth and you have to age on this that a round cute face will look daintier with a round curly hair. You are already in a dainty appearance with your round face and above that short tiny curls when you are going to style them no one will ever be compared with you. Mostly because of this, small or long loose curls will do the best and make you classier. No matter you are having a short or long haircut you can style them with curls and be the most beautiful one.

High up curls with long bangs

high up curls with long bangs hairstyle for round face

These soft tiny numerous layers of curls with high hanging bangs and a huge messy look with heavy texture. The bangs will only be straight and side swept, pinned back with the rest of hair up lifted in a heavy layers. Comb your hair in a messy way. And allow huge heavy bangs to cover your face from one side which you find it suitable.

Long loose black curls

long loose black curls hairstyle for round face

A long heavy textured hair will be the perfect one for this style. You can give a messy texture by styling this look. Mark soft long loose curls on your tresses and then comb your hair in that way. Allow some of the hair to fall on your face in forms of bangs and cover both the sides of your face properly with that, after that leave your hair completely open.

Deep shattered pixie

deep pixie cut hairstyle for round face

A deep shattered round pixie cut is awesome to make your look glitter more and make you extra cute. As you know that a short haircut makes you look bold and also cute. If you are handling it will soft gentle smooth twists then you can make it look more beautiful. Get a short pixie cut and on them mark shattered layers of deep twist and highlighted shades. You can settle this look with a gel and comb it well.

Curly bob cut

curly bob cut hairstyle for rounf face

A bob cut with loose curly soft hanging twigs, the deep shattered curls at the edge and base with side swept bangs and a side parted formal look. You can have a bob cut till your neck line then with the help of a curling iron mark with long shattered curls on each pattern and then comb it in a side parted way you can choose any side according to your choice. Then allow side swept bangs to cover your face from the other side and leave it hanging. Comb this formal and alluring look properly and see that the curls are not disturbed and if then try to make again and settle well this time.

Medium layer side parted curly hair

medium layer side partred curly hairstyle for round face

A medium sized hair left open and hanging with soft gentle curls. An easy and simple style but yet looks so fashionable. You can get a medium sized haircut and on them mark with loose curls. Leave the hair completely open, after you settle it down in a side parted way. Allow some soft tresses to cover your face from other side in form of bangs.

Hairstyle for square shape face

hairstyles for square shape face

You are the classiest ones and look just the darling because of your face shape, your face already is the appearance of a bold look you can make it look more perfect. A short straight or curly cropped hair suits well on you.

Short mushroom cut hairstyle

short mushroom cut hairstyle for square shape face

A short cropped hair with long bangs and the layers will be like bangs. We all are aware with this stop cropped mushroom haircut where you have to style with equal size of hair from all sides. The back cropped hair and the face framing bangs covering the whole side whole size will be same.

Side parted pixie with bangs

side parted pixie with bangs hairstyle for square face

A short cropped pixie styled with equal layers in a side parted look and dark bold highlights. Get a very short cropped pixie cut and on them give a side parted combing with long locks and face framing creeps of bangs. You can style it with layers and also dark bold shades highlights.

Straight bob cut

straight bob cut hairstyle for straight hair

A straight hair suits well on both a short and a long hair, you can get a short bob cut on straight hair you can give a side parted combed look whichever side you find it appropriate and then allow that side arranged with bangs also.

Short layered bob cut

short layered bob hairstyle for square face

A very short stripped cut but with heavy and stylish features at the base, the edges will be made with soft layers and then a side parted back slicked look with side bangs.

Sleeked back

sleeked back hairstyle for square face

A sleeked back haircut is so simple but yet looks modified so no matter what kind of style you are doing at the back but at the front collect back all your hair and sleek it down back. You can add highlights to your base.

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