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2016 Hair color Trends

Colors always play a vital role in one’s life, and they really cherish our look no matter, we are designing our body with different color full clothes or our hair it always goes well. Now days coloring the base of hair are in great fashion the different types of highlighting hair has been first invented in France and then adopted by all of us. A deep pasted different colors as per your choice add extra spark to your look and looks great and adorable. Especially the ombre highlights at the edges is an effortless, natural way of styling with the latest style. If we go for latest updates on hair colors, then we will find many options ahead as 2016 will be the most enhancing year four different hair colors. We will be getting many different types of hard and gentle hair colors that will really suits one personality. Among all the dark color with extra smoky look will be the most loved one. But the loose, soft colors will also go well and energetic, especially on curly hair and on straight the dark bold color will look more beautiful. So here below I am mentioning a wide variety of hair color which will be in great trend for this year. Just go below here and choose one according to you to color your appearance.


2016 hair color trends are –


Romantic red hair colorromantic-red-haircolor-for-2016


A deep glossy red hair color covering all the sides and whole of the hair. A long thick hair will be perfect for this style and if straight it will do better. You can give a dark effect instead of a light solution which will look more good and vibrant.

Golden ombre color


A deep ombre effect is perfect for all kinds and size of hair. A long curly hair with ombre effect at the edge and on bangs with extra-long size. This color will be styled in a gentle way which will definitely look classic.

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Purple silver combo


A deep silver color is also in fashion nowadays which looks weird before. A deep silver color with extra light purple effect and loose curling at the ends is the most beautiful combination ever.

Ombre tips with orange base


A light ombre color which is too perfect for the kids as it goes really cute when designed with a gentle orange base and at the end and loose curls on top to make it daintier. You can easily try this style if your little princess is also too fond of colors.

Purple shade


A light purple effect at the base of your hair will make you look different from others and one will really get attracted. A light gentle base with glossy effects and loose finish at the lower area.

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Silver effects


Days have gone that people wanted to hide their silver hair with un natural colors but now one go for real silver color hair. A deep silver pasting from all sides completely covering the hair from all sides gives an extra bold look.

Separated blue with ombre effect


A deep layers of parted dark blue colors with light gentle ombre colors and layered cut of edges. A very extra especial style rarely seen and one dares to have it.

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Blonde red


A deep blonde red color which is perfect for all kinds of situation and really goes glossy. A deep red color hair with layered blonde look and a short sized cropped hair.

Ombre effect with red base


A deep light ombre effect at the crown area till the front falling and deep gentle dark red loose base at the end and fallings which cover the back with long textures.

Strawberry blonde hair



You love the strawberries or the colors of it which goes too sweet whatever try these soft strawberry based cherished colors on your long loose tresses to make them look more beautiful and classy.

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