2021 Most Favorable Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

Hairstyles for Heart shape face


Now for the ones with a heart face shape all your hairstyle will be the same a romantic one this time and will definitely blew many hearts when you are going to style them. Many kinds of hair look suits on you but especially the layered straight hair as we know straight hair makes us look romantic and also stylish. So go below and get one for you.


Long and straight with similar bangs


As I said straight hair will be the most suitable one, a long straight hair with almost similar kind straight stretching face framing bangs in a long textured look. You don’t need to worry if you are not having a straight hair you can get one with the help of a straightening iron. Comb your straight hair in a middle parted way and then allow straight bangs to cover your face and leave the hair open.

Straight angled bob cut


You can go for this extra stylish look if you want a short cut, a long angled bob cut with side swept bangs. Apart from being stylish this style is also a very decent one and good for a formal appearance. You can get a long bob cut and comb it in a clean look with a side parted look and choose one side to allow the side swept bangs to cover your face, as I said you can use a straightener to make your hair straight.

Layered straight pixie cut


A very short cut with straight layers, an angled layered pixie cut with a messy framing and long angled bangs with shaggy layers at the front. Get a cool straight layered pixie cut and then comb it in a messy way and allow some straight features to cover your face.

Side swept bangs on bob cut


A heavy side swept bang with straight long features and short bob cut with straight angled lines will be perfect for your face shape. You can comb your heavy bangs in a side parted way and leave it hanging beyond your ears. Give a high messy structure.

Straight short pixie cut hairstyle


A very short haircut with deep stripped lines and a messy combing, the layers should be too short and cropped with tiny features. You can comb in a clean cut look to give a better appearance.

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