2021 Most Favorable Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

Hair styles for Long face



So you are here with your long broad face, you are going to be the most hottest lady this time because you can style with all that you can. Almost all hairstyles suits on your face but the most appealing ones are with waves which when gently hangs on your face serves with the most alluring form.

Messy long waves


A wavy cut will do the best as I said before, waves add extra glow to your hair. Arrange your hair with a long messy wavy haircut with soft hanging features separated and folded in patterns of deep hues. You can carve soft gentle curls in a wavy texture to your long tresses. Allow soft face framing bangs to cover your face.

Medium length bouncy hairstyle


A deep medium length haircut can be perfect for this, you can simply arrange them in a short gentle wavy layers and then leave it in a messy way. Take a comb and style it in a side parted way with loose long waves.

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Side parted short pixie cut


A very short deep cut with cropped pixie combed in a side parted way, the layers will be so short that could hardly capture the comb, arrange it in a side way and leave it that way. It is a best style for formal look.

Long smooth wavy hair


Long haircut with smooth texture and a highlights of light shades covering the soft deep curls at the base and making a wavy texture. You can make a messy combing in a middle parted way and make loose curls at the base with soft face framing bangs at the face which should be striking straight.

Messy high heavy curls in a shaggy layers


Long twisted smooth soft parted curls with numerous layers in a long stripped hair, left in a messy way. You will look the hottest one ever. Those soft romantic curls styled in a messy way with high up do and soft face framing bangs at the face. Settle down this look with a spray so that it remains the way.

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