2021 Most Favorable Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

Hairstyle for oval face


Do you know that nobody can beat you in hotness and you are the hottest creature on earth because of your long but round face like oval, many kinds of hairstyles are there for you, but heavy hair look with locks and bangs will be better one. Bangs give excess volume to your look, front falling or side swept heavy bangs both are creative, you have a broad space on your face which when is covered with bangs gives the most relevant style ever. Well for your favor some of the hairstyles with the combination of bangs are given below here.

Loose long curls with side swept bangs



You have a round texture so the curls will go easily, long loose heavy curls at the back hanging softly below will be the most romantic style ever. Above that you can style with specific layers of side swept long bangs covering the face from one side and pinned at back of the ear in a loose hanging way. You can easily get this style if you have a long hair. With the help of a curling iron you can simply mark with long loose culs from the base to the edge. Then comb your hair the same way and give it a side parted look. You can choose the side you find it appropriate and then from that side combing allow side swept heavy bangs to cover your face from that side. Leave the hair completely open from all sides. For more perfection you can also mark with gentle highlights, as the look is hot choose some bold colors like red and dark chocolate will be better.

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Straight layered hair with bushy straight bangs


As I said before that bangs will do more creative and better so this time you should style with these heavy bangs straight cropped look. This look will be featured with a straight falling hair with long cool features and above that a straight featured straight heavy bangs, this combination will do better. You can get a straight long haircut and if you are not having a straight hair you can also get one with the help of a straightening iron and make straight gentle slopes. After that you also have to mark those straight lines on your bangs and then comb your hair the same way, open from back with straight layers and then heavy bangs at the forehead. Make the layers messed up with each other but the edges should be in an equal size straight and grassy.

Short bob cut with flickering face framing bangs


A very short cropped hair is also a great job if you want to be on a look exactly like you bold and beautiful. A very short sized cropped bob cut with pattern of soft flicks which will look like soft curls but exactly not and that look will be a messy one with face framing bangs. You can just go for a short cropped bob haircut with loose flicks. With the help of an straightening iron just give a twist at the middle on each layers of your hair and then comb your hair the same way, by allowing some face framing bangs to cover your face in the equal size and then comb it in a middle parted way and leave it open.

Short curly bob with side swept straight featured bang


A short curly bob with specific highlights will make your look stormy and also hot. A very short cropped bob with soft loose curls at the edge, and a straight side swept bang will be the coolest combination ever. You can easily get a short cropped bob cut and carve loose curls, you can get these curls with the help of a heating rollers and mark with gentle slopes of curls. Be sure you are only curling the edge area and not the base because it will remain straight and sleek and then mark with soft side bangs which will be swept back in a side way and pinned back the ear. You can make a side combing according to your choice and allow some rolls other than bans to covey your face from the opposite side.

Straight angled bob cut with bangs and side parted look

straight angled bob cut with bangs

A long layered bob cut will be perfect for this style, with straight features and a bit of twist at the edge side parted with a straight and sleeked look. You can get this look by getting a straight medium length bob cut with straight lines. With the help of an straightening iron you can just give a short rolls and twist at the edge leaving the whole base straight and comb it in a side parted look and allow the one side which ever you find it suitable to cover your face from while the other one will be pinned back beyond the ears. Add a little light shades of highlights on this appearance and you will get a perfect formal look with a decent and stylish appearance.

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