2021 Most Favorable Hairstyles for Your Face Shape

Hairstyle for square shape face

hairstyles for square shape face

You are the classiest ones and look just the darling because of your face shape, your face already is the appearance of a bold look you can make it look more perfect. A short straight or curly cropped hair suits well on you.

Short mushroom cut hairstyle

short mushroom cut hairstyle for square shape face

A short cropped hair with long bangs and the layers will be like bangs. We all are aware with this stop cropped mushroom haircut where you have to style with equal size of hair from all sides. The back cropped hair and the face framing bangs covering the whole side whole size will be same.

Side parted pixie with bangs

side parted pixie with bangs hairstyle for square face

A short cropped pixie styled with equal layers in a side parted look and dark bold highlights. Get a very short cropped pixie cut and on them give a side parted combing with long locks and face framing creeps of bangs. You can style it with layers and also dark bold shades highlights.

Straight bob cut

straight bob cut hairstyle for straight hair

A straight hair suits well on both a short and a long hair, you can get a short bob cut on straight hair you can give a side parted combed look whichever side you find it appropriate and then allow that side arranged with bangs also.

Short layered bob cut

short layered bob hairstyle for square face

A very short stripped cut but with heavy and stylish features at the base, the edges will be made with soft layers and then a side parted back slicked look with side bangs.

Sleeked back

sleeked back hairstyle for square face

A sleeked back haircut is so simple but yet looks modified so no matter what kind of style you are doing at the back but at the front collect back all your hair and sleek it down back. You can add highlights to your base.

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