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15 Funky Short Shaggy Hairstyles

If you are looking for a spicy, latest hairstyles with a sexy touch, then you are definitely at the right place because here we are going to talk about of latest crunchy, funky, shaggy hairstyles that are in fashion in today’s world. The shaggy haircut is being experienced on both short cropped hairs and on the long ones. But the most recommended cut proven on a short haircut is the shaggy layers. A very short layered haircut with all crunches and flavors of highlighted toppings and spikes is actually known as a shaggy haircut. Although there are totally many types of shaggy haircut also highlighted with many different colors and there is also a favorite color which is about your type and suits your personality well. This is a kind of hair look which easily suits on all kinds of faces and also hair type. If you love to have a straight haircut, then this can be the most soothing cut for you. So choose one according to your style and enhance your look with some short shaggy haircuts which are mentioned below here.

Funky Short Shaggy Hairstyles

Beige blonde beauty

funky short shaggy hairstyles Beige blonde beauty

A natural hair with some shades of medium blonde color is going to collect a huge compliment. This type of haircut is quite compared to some other shaggy hair look. Get some banged layers in the front with short cropped cut.

Asymmetric angle

funky short shaggy hairstyles Asymmetric angle

It’s not compulsory that you have to style your shaggy haircut with straight layers but there is also something for the curly ones or if you love to have a curly hair. Mark some rolls on your layered cut and settle down them in waves. Leave your hair uncombed in a messy way and finish your look with a light hold hair spray.

Champagne shag

funky short shaggy hairstyles Champagne shag

You can give your shag haircut plenty of shades which have the dimension of darker option a soft and bright contrast and layers of heavy fringes and bangs covering almost half of the face. If you have thick hair in good quality you can easily get this style and make your hair easy to manage.

Simple and shattered

funky short shaggy hairstyles Simple and shattered

This is an easy style quite simple and decent compared to other shaggy haircut and can be styled on a formal occasion. A bob cut styled in cropped layers and combed in a side parted way. You can use a straightening iron to style this look.

Bold and black

funky short shaggy hairstyles Bold and black

This bold and black cut will be perfect for the ones with dark black color hair who also don’t want to mark any kind of highlighted shades on their look. You have to get a cropped layered cut and then style with some soft face framing curls and cropped layers in a side combed way. Choose the side you find appropriate.

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Brunette waves

funky short shaggy hairstyles Brunette waves.

The Brunette wavy hairstyle with some caramel highlights always attracts many which are styled with some voluminous layers of shaggy rolls and deeply parted side haircut. Using a cream hair gel for this hair look will be more perfect.

Pixie blonde cut

pixie cut


A pixie cut is itself a shaggy hairstyle which is very easy to design. The very short cropped layers with lots of twisted patterns in a defined portion and some deep bold shades of highlighted patterns so that this extra spicy look can be reflected well with its bold shades.

Copper choppy cut

funky short shaggy hairstyles Copper choppy cut

This copper choppy cut hairstyle looks easy and can fascinate many towards it. These layers and fringes which when appeared in a messy way looks great in this short sassy look.

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