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15 Funky Short Shaggy Hairstyles

Shaggy and medium length straight cut

funky short shaggy hairstyles Shaggy and medium length straight cut

A medium length straight bob hair cut with many spices added at the edges in forms of shags. A medium layer hair can be done this way with the help of a straightening iron and some layered face framing bangs with a side parted look.

Short layers of flips

funky short shaggy hairstyles Short layers of flips

Some short layers of flips and twists when styled at the edge of the hair looks great especially on a short shaggy hair. When these twisted patterns touch your shoulders you will really be on the top of the world because that times no one can beat you in beauty.

Adorable layered shaggy bob

funky short shaggy hairstyles Adorable layered shaggy bob

A very decent hair look in spite of covered with some soft shaggy cuts at the base totally combed in a clean cut way with many feathered bangs at the side. You can place a clip at the corner to get away of bangs and hold a clean cut look.

Loose wavy bob cut

funky short shaggy hairstyles Loose wavy bob cut


Get a combination of all blonde locks, loose waves and some tangling twist of a complete adorable bob cut, this will give you a beautiful look. The waves should be perfectly loose enough to blow with the winds and enhance your look. This is a perfectly styled haircut best for all seasons.

Razor chopped bob

funky short shaggy hairstyles Razor chopped bob

A bob cut with some flickering razor ends and deep bold bangs with a soft touch of highlights. This hairstyle should be combed in a messy way and bangs should be on the forehead. This razor-chopped bob cut hairstyle is best for all occasions.

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Ombre short shag

funky short shaggy hairstyles Ombre short shag

An Ombre color highlighted hair with some cropped short haircut in a side parted look. Add some curls and side swept bangs, place one side at your ear back.

Boy cut shag

funky short shaggy hairstyles Boy cut shag

For much modified look a tomboy cut with layers of spikes and some short heavy bangs will be perfect. This is an easy style to hold with which will make you look hot to heat up a floor, for more perfections add deep light shades to some corners.

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