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24 Fabulous Braided Hairstyles for Black Girls

Usually, black girls can’t handle up with open hair because dark black complexion with open hair can fade away your look. So, for a better option whenever you leave the house you should try something with braids. As we teenagers are too selective, so among the numerous braided hairstyle options I have selected some of the best ever braided hairstyles for black girls and mentioned below for your better appearance.

 Braided Hairstyles for Black Girls

Side black braid

Side black braid for black girls

Black braid is perfect braided hairstyle for black girls which suits their complexion.

Back long braid

Back long braid for black girls

Long back simple braid for thick hair.

Side messy braid

Side messy braid for black girls

You can give a light messy touch to your hairstyle in this way, a messy side braid.

Braided bun

Braided bun for black girls

Braided bun can be easy for the one with thick heavy hair.

Middle parted braid

Hairstyles Black Girls Hair Braids Styles With Long Hair This

Simple middle parted hair braided long is a simple braided hairstyle for black girls.

Mohawk braid

Mohawak braid for black girls

Mohawk braids are usually adopted by the ones with a dark complexion though can be perfect for you.

Side braid on open hair

Side braid on open hair for black girls

The side braided hair completes the look of braided hairstyle for black girls.

One side braided hair

One side braided hair for black girls

All hair collected and slicked to one sided braid.

Fishtail braid

Fishtail braid for black girls

We can never forget this fishtail braid style while counting among the braided hairstyle for black girls.

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Long and open braid

Long and open braid for black girls

In this, the look will not be secured and the hair will be left open after braids.

French braid

French braid for black hair

French braid is the first option for all, whenever we choose a braided hairstyle for black girls.

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Side swept braided hair

Side swept braided hair for black women

Side swept braids starts from one corner and then arranged to another.

Side swept braid with bangs

Side swept braid with bangs for black girls

Side swept braided hair with heavy bangs.

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