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24 Fabulous Braided Hairstyles for Black Girls

Long braids with long bangs

Long braids with long bangs for black girls

Long hair mix with braid with heavy bangs straight and long.

Rolled upbraid

Rolled upbraid

Rolled upbraid to one corner with bangs.

Side braided bun

Side braided bun for black girls

Instead of the back settlement you can arrange your braids at the side corner in form of bun.

Crochet braid

Crochet braid for black girls

Crochet braid is the leading braided hairstyle for black girls and can be styled in multiple ways.

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Box braids

Box braids for black girls

This makes your look compatible and easy to carry out.

Back swept braid

Back swept braid forr black girls

All the braids will be settled down in back sloping layers.

Crown braids

Crown braids for black girls

Whole of the crown braided completely with long textures.

Textured braid

Textured braid for black girls


Pigtail braid

Pigtail braid for black girls

This will add cuteness to the braided hairstyles for black girls.

High up-do of braids

High up-do of braids for black girls

All the long stripes of braids collected and settled at the above crown area.

High braided ponytail

High braided ponytail for black girls

A modified version in the braided hairstyles for black girls, where a high ponytail will be left hanging, in a braided way.

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