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30 Fabulous Ideas for Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Brown hair with blonde highlights, a style which itself sounds amazing. Blonde shades are the most predictable style for every woman with brown hair no matter curly or straight. There is no doubt that all blonde highlights of delicious shades are really exciting for brown hair. Any other color can also be good but not so vibrant as the blonde one. There is a high demand for this superior trend even among celebrities. The effective tonnes of blonde color, when added with brown hair, gives a mind-blowing result. If you too have brown hair then you can easily borrow a few of the blonde highlights ideas from here below. Choose one prominent style for your brown hair and achieve an extra gorgeous look.

Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

30 Fabulous Ideas for Brown Hair with Blonde Highlights

Brown Hair with Red Blonde Highlights

These shades will be perfect to combine with heavy pretty brown hair.

Brown hair with blonde balayage

If you have a natural light brown hair and want to make your look smoother try out this idea of brown hair with blonde highlights.

Side-swept medium brown hair with ash blonde lights

Side-swept hair-do can be your favorite style to make a bond with ash blonde highlights.

Peach blonde color on brown long hair

This shade sounds to be exclusive but still the most eye-catching style in the list of brown hair with blonde highlights.

Cool-toned blonde shade

Make your look a lighter one and add some cool blonde shades to your brown hair.

Blonde purple with brown hair

Add some fun to purple color on your natural brown hair.

Thin highlights on thick hair

This attachment of brown hair with blonde highlights can be your favorite one.

Golden blonde color on medium brown hair

This can be a golden opportunity for extra creativity on your medium brown hair.

Blonde ombre shade on curly brown hair

Make your curls look more exclusive and style with this brown hair with blonde highlights.

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Painted blonde look on brown hair

Paint with the essence of this glorious blonde color on your brown hair.

Multitone blonde color on straight brown hair

You can never be wrong if you choose this blonde shade for your long straight brown hair.

Light brown hair with the lavender blonde look

Partial lavender highlights on textured layers of brown hair make you look simply beautiful.

Shimmery blonde look on brown waves

Often this hair look of brown hair with blonde highlights is ignored but if once stayed can make your look simply amazing.

Blonde lowlights on brown hair

These terrific low lights add an extra dimension to your hair.

Light brown hair with the red and blonde look

This can be a favorite hairstyle of anyone even after being a simple one.

Natural brown hair with cherry blonde shade

If we count the list of brown hair with blonde highlights this will always be listed above.

Blue blonde on long brown

Add some royal effect in your amazing long brown hair. Style them with blue shade.

Textured Long brown hair with blonde highlights and bangs

Textured long brown hair with blonde highlights and some textured bangs.

Bangs on the blonde shade

Heavy long layered bangs on long brown hair and some blonde shade on bangs.

Flattered long hair with pastel blonde shade

Long flattered brown hair with light hues of pastel color is enough to make you look alluring.

Three laned blonde lines on brown hair

Don’t color your complete hair add simple three lines of blonde color and make it look amazing.

Blonde red on blonde long brown

A simple long brown hair with blonde highlights and some light effects of red color.

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Curly long brown hair with orange blonde color

Long curly brown hair styled with orange blonde color.

Rose blonde on long brown hair

Add extra blush to your look by adding rose blonde shades in your long brown hair.

Smooth blonde on wavy brown

Smooth light hues of blonde color on a long wavy brown hair.

Touched blonde on natural brown hair

Let the purity of brown hair blossom. Instead of adding fake colors just give a simple light touch of blonde effect.

Lined layers of blonde color on brown hair

Do not color the whole of your hair, just add some shades on your selected layers.

Snow blonde on brown beauty

Shades of snowy blonde effective color on a long brown hair look so stunning.


Bold blonde on brown hair

The dark effect of heavy blonde shade on a long dark brown hair will be the most effective combination.

Formal blonde on straight brown hair

Just a simple blonde effect which makes the look decent on natural straight brown hair.


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