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African American Long Hairstyles for Black Women – All Types of Hair

We all have a same dream and that is to have a beautiful and long tresses so that we can look beautiful. We all know that having such tresses will be in a great favor of us because after that we can easily style up to many and any kind of hairstyle. There are almost numerous of sweet and bold long hairstyles which we can easily style. There many long hairstyles which are especially designed for African and American ladies and is also very popular among them. Those expensive and all time hairstyles are yet here and not only loved but also in great favor. These alluring hairstyles are mentioned below here, but this time in a much modified way. Generally, we find that American women are blessed with long hair so definitely if you have got something good you should use it perfectly. No matter what kind of style you are adopting a long wavy cut or a layered haircut each one is going to suit you. This time don’t go to the short ones because the long ones which are mentioned here are also easy to style and manage compared to the short ones and especially the most appealing ones are mentioned below here:-

African American Long Hairstyles for Women

African American Long Hairstyles for Women

Colored purple toned long heavy hairstyle

african american long hairstyle Colored purple toned long heavy hairstyle

A long heavy wavy cut with dark color hue will be the most eye-catching one this time and especially if you are adding the shades of purple color. Get a soft wavy cut on your long tresses and then add these curls on them.

Long chaotic waves

african american long hairstyle Long chaotic waves

A long wavy cut is always perfect no matter which kind of wavy hairstyle is it? You can get a sharp wavy cut easily on your long hair and then leave it un-combed in a messy way. Comb the hair properly and leave it open.

Black creative messafrican american long hairstyle Black creative mess


A long heavy hairstyle makes you look hot and that too when you are arranging it with messy features. This adorable style with messy layers at all side and side elongated bangs will be the most stylish style ever.

Must see – Long Hairstyles for Black Women

Long layered hairstyle

african american long hairstyle Long layered hairstyle

A very long layered haircut is the best way to look romantic, you can get a shaggy long layered cut which should be completely messed up with each other in a messy way.  You can get those shaggy layers with the help of a straightening iron

Long curly hair

Long curly hair african american hairstyle

Soft tiny curls marked on long heavy hair will be the most creative hairstyle ever which will make you look spicy. The soft gentle curls can be marked on long hair. You can get those curls with the help of a curling iron and mark very tiny ones on each patterns of yours.

Straight layers

african american long hairstyle Straight layers

A simple straight sleeked hair is never out of fashion, although it is a very simple style but still a very romantic one when styled and still the first choice of all whenever we want to go for a precious look. You can simply make your hair completely straight and leave it open in a middle combed way.

Straight layers with straight bangs

Straight layers with straight bangs american african long hairstyle

Even you can do much with your simple straight sleeked hair. Just go for heavy straight bangs at your forehead and comb it in straight angled way. We all know bangs create a good impression on your look because you can get an extra creative look on your forehead.

Long black side parted look

african american long hairstyle Long black side parted look

A simple side combed look parted at one side will be so exciting, you will come to know after doing this. A long wavy cut with sharp edges simply combed perfectly in a side knotted look. You can allow side face bangs to cover your face from one side.

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