African American Long Hairstyles for Black Women – All Types of Hair


Side swept waves

Side swept waves african american hairstyle

This is the simplest style you might have ever seen. All your hair simple collected and pasted at one side with soft curved gentle waves on that. You have to collect your hair and then set it on one site and then leave open. You can use bobby pins to secure your look but be sure that the pins are not easily visible.

Medium length spirals

african american long hairstyle Medium length spirals

If you are having a medium length hair then this hairstyle will be perfect for you where you can simply make soft gentle curls on your hair and then leave it open. Comb your hair in a middle parted way and then allow some hair to cover your face from both the sides.

Chic wave long hairstyle

african american long hairstyle Chic wave long hairstyleChic waves are something which are marked with soft long plated twist. The soft gentle rolls will be serving a curved form on the edges. Comb it in a middle parted way and then allow some soft swept to cover your face.

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Bright caramel curls

Bright caramel curls african american long hairstyle

These curls are soft short and gentle carved on long middle length hair. You can simply get these curls with the help of a curling iron, leave this hair open in a side parted way and then choose one according to your choice and then allow side bangs to cover your face.

Long waves with highlights

african american long hairstyle Long waves with highlights

Any kind of long hairstyle can be polished well if you are simply marking with deep shades on it. A perfect combination of dark shade highlights with a buttery texture and shoulder length waves.

High bouffant

High bouffant african american long hairstyle

High knotted bouffant will be perfect if you want to deal with your long hair easily and also want to keep your hands free. In this style you have to collect all your hair and then simply roll in a high up-do and then fix it there properly with the help of bobby pins.

Fish tail braid with bangs and teased crown

Fish tail braid with bangs and teased crown american african long hairstyle

A side fish tail braid is the first choice of us because it suits on all face and occasion. You can simply make it more creative by adding a high puffy up-do at the crown area while collecting your crown area hair and join it towards back, then make a side fish tail braid and allow soft side swept bangs to come out from that and leave it hanging on the face.

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