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Alluring Wedding Bridal Updo Hairstyles

It’s common that we all want to look the most beautiful this day so that no one can beat us in being most beautiful. You are the fairy of your wedding day and it’s your right to be the classy one and no one can even dare to replace your place. But, as we all know that to look perfect a perfect arrangement is also required like a glamorous dress, attractive makeup and how can we forget the most important thing that is our hairstyle which is the most noticed features of that day. From your soul mate to your guest, all want to see your outcome that how beautiful you are on your wedding day. So, you should not leave any opportunity of looking great, like here below is an opportunity for you to choose and go for some creative updo hairstyles which are referred to be one of the best options in the wedding season. The creative hair, which is rolled up and designed with different patterns in the higher area of your crown is termed as updo. No matter you are in a winter or summer season, a wedding updo is a perfect one for all seasons and also for all kinds of hair and face shape. So, this wedding season style your straight or curly hair with updo design because there is a style for all, no matter you are having a curly hair or a straight one. Now don’t waste your time because I know you are already busy with your marriage arrangements so just go below and have a check on some superior, beautiful and quick hairstyles that can make you look the most romantic women on earth on your romantic wedding day.

Wedding Bridal Updo Hairstyles

Alluring wedding updo hairstyles are –

Classic heavy updo

Alluring wedding updo hairstyles classic heavy updo

A very heavy high classic high updo hairstyle that is perfect for your heavy volume hair. You can simply comb your hair properly and then make soft patterns on them, roll each pattern on the above side and just make soft gentle rounding and clip it there on the above area. Make sure that the bun is giving a clean texture and you have a clean look.

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Twisted updo with a broach

Alluring wedding updo hairstyles twisted updo with a broach

Although, there are a lot of twist and rounded patterns here in this style, but you need a more to design particularly this one.  A rounded and twisted bun where there will be deep slicked holes in the each pattern and then a plated well-designed broach will complete your look.

Braided bun with bangs and headband

bridal hairstyles updos Braided bun with bangs and head band


A deep rounded bun which will also be braided and then joined in a round figure with the divided bangs in a side swept look at the corner of the face and then a headband securing the middle area. You have to comb your hair properly and then roll each section in patterns to the above area but before that, braid each of the pattern first and then place a slicked headband at the crown area and allow some straight deep slicked bangs to cover your face from side corner.

Big bridal bun with rolls and clips

Alluring wedding updo hairstyles big bridal bun with rolls and clips

These twist will be the most eye-catching one and you need a lot of patience to design this. comb your hair properly and then with your fingers make a labyrinth of each pattern carved from your hair and twist them into one another with a rounding portion and then arrange it with side swept long bangs and tiny bobby clips.

High curly updo with side parted bangs

Alluring wedding updo hairstyles high curly updo with side parted bangs

Curly hair is loved by all and we wish to have a natural curly hair. If you are having so you are really blessed and if not you can also make them with the help of a curling iron. Just make soft gentle curls on the whole area, then collect all the hair and make a high updo. You can just simply clutch your hair at the higher area. Allow side soft gentle curls to cover your back and touch your shoulders. Then make some soft gentle bangs to cover your face from side bangs.

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