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Amazing Vintage Up-Do Hairstyle for Women

Vintage hairstyle is the most polished and precious hairstyle which serves a riyal look and loved by all. It is also known as a royal hairstyle in which the smooth flickering royal curls are formed. The super silky soft, fragrant curls are easy to form for giving it a retro form. Especially when you style the retro look with a high re-defined up-do it looks more relevant because the curls becomes more visible. The vintage hairstyle is also loved because it also suits on all face and hair type no matter you are having a heavy thick hair or a light weighted one. If you are going for a retro curl your weakness of thin hair will also not be visible anymore because the loose amazing curls hides the place and the thickness appears. And even if you are styling with thick hair, it goes much better where the real beauty of your thick hair is properly visible. The deep down heavy natural curls really give you a classy look and your type of face also doesn’t matter not your skin type. There are almost many kinds of vintage curls design in which the vintage up-do style is very popular and loving one. No matter, it aside up-do or a braided up-do vintage curl all suits well and remains very soothing. The retro bouffant becomes does really well on a formal occasion. Vintage curl with a Birdcage veil or without being is the most demanded styles among the brides as it makes them glow a lot on their wedding day and they really go for those different kinds of vintage curls. Not only for those especial occasions but also for a simple outing or date it never fades away and is never out of fashion and is being counted among the latest hairstyle designs which are carried from ancient times. This time, whether you are going for an evening date or a day party. A night out or a wedding ceremony tries to go with these vintage curls and spice up your look in a better way. Especially try out these extra appealing and classy vintage up-do hairstyles which are mentioned below here and remember this time you are going to catch out many eyes after you with these retro blossoms.


Vintage up-do hairstyles are:-

Vintage beehive up-do


Beehive bun creates a new energetic forum on ones face. The top knotted turned up with heavy folding’s beehive bun looks really great. You can add flattering bangs with curled up edges at the corner.

Victory rolls


A twisted and turned rolling collected from the base and pinned up at the crown area with an easy up-do where your top layered will be messed up with each other and straight angled bangs will complete the look. If you are adding a strip of flower in it will do much better.

Reverse tuck vintage hairstyle


In this case your hair will be reversed back in pinned back after certain twist. Collect all your hair and then proceed to styling so that it gives a clear clean look. You can allow some bangs to cover your face from one side.

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Swirl and turn vintage up-do


It will the favorite choice of yours if you are really planning for an twisted and turned updo but you need to have a lot of attention while styling this, a rolled curls will be pinned with different patterns. A clean clear look of rolled and twisted bun will be visible.

Vintage curl with a hair bow


A sweet hair bow is carried in fashion from many times, if you are colliding it with your vintage curls you are going to look daintier. Tie a soft hair bow in the middle section of your vintage up do from where you are losing with your pony tail.

Braided vintage updo


Braids look so glossy why we don’t try them with your vintage curls. Make a messy high updo vintage curls and complete your style with a front falling braided bang. Secure this bang with pins inside your bun.

Faux vintage updo


Faux bob cut is also a nice overheated style which serves you a hotter look. A rolled up high vintage curls styled on them will make it look more good and familiar the rolled vintage curls sleeked up and then secured there.

Vintage pony tail


A sweet simple pony tail is never out of fashion whether your hair is long or short it doesn’t matter. Replace soft vintage pony tail with your normal one and look more beautiful. Make a high puff from the crown area and the mix it up with your curled hair in patterns and then secure this look in a ponytail.

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