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Amazing Vintage Up-Do Hairstyle for Women


Wavy vintage up-do


A wavy cut revolves the real appealing look and we all run for it. A wavy vintage hair updo will obviously do the best rolled vintage bun with side sleeked bangs looks charming to make it look more good add accessories on your front wavy curls.

Vintage bangs with vintage updo


Bangs creates your look in a much spicy way and we all love to style one. Try going with a high retro bun and also place your retro bangs on top of it. This combination of your having a retro bun with a retro bang will definitely go viral.

Vintage updo with a scarf


Vintage curls easy collide with anything extra you add to them even the scarf will do great. Place a round turned up scarf in between where you pull back your hair for a retro bun.

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Back roll vintage updo


Complete clean hairstyle perfectly suitable for a formal occasion. Your whole hair will be sleeked back and pinned up properly after it has been completely rolled up like long texturing curls.

Vintage half up-do with poof


If you want to go for a simple and casual retro hairstyle you can easily go for this. A high puff which in spite of being simple serves really well, will be joined in a high updo and then the complete hair will be left open.

Rolled up vintage curl


Vintage hairstyle is completed by twisted rolls, a high turned vintage curl rolled up at the crown area with loose long wavy tresses hanging toward your back.

Vintage updo with finger waves


A rolled up vintage bun with flawless curls covering the crown and a finger stretched wavy bangs styled with loose tips of fingers and pinned there properly.

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