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Beautiful Creative Dreadlocks Hairstyles for Women

Dreadlocks have always been the best styling process to redefine the natural volume, beauty and waves of your healthy hair. This type of style is highly in demand because of its clean defined finish which really looks tidy and is fit for each kind of occasion. The dreadlock is the tiny patterns of hairlines tied in various numbers and is practically used from ancient. There are mostly numerous of dreadlock hair braiding styles, but only a few are real which goes your way. So, among all here below are mentioned some of the best dreadlock styles among all which are really delicate. If you too are a fan of dreadlocks design, then you can go through these divine styling, select one according to your choice and have a symmetric appearance.


Beautiful dreadlocks styles are –

Messy lattice crown

dreadlocks-hairstyle-for-women-Messy lattice crown

Dreadlocks hairstyles have been evolved from centuries it is a dashing look to reveal frizzes at the cone of your neck. Remember while creating the dread lock make the rounding’s little tough messed up and little blonde. Best way to keep your hands and face free especially for summer.

Half and half dread lock buns

dreadlocks-hairstyle-for-women-Half and half dread lock buns

Dreadlocks are the own style to make your outcome perfect, these colorful shiny dread looks so alluring and dainty and there shiny appearance make the hangings shine and fascinating. Along with the long tied cropped stocks you can also add hanging accessories to it.

Asymmetrical hairstyle with dreads

dreadlocks-hairstyle-for-women-Asymmetrical hairstyle with dreads

To make your spirit wild and relevant you can use this combination of dreadlocks and asymmetrical held up. The braids which formed in numbers and fall along the face till shoulder length. While the loose bun tied at the crown area reflects flattering hair from all its sides.

Twisted combination of bun and locks

dreadlocks-hairstyle-for-women-Twisted combination of bun and locks

Full hairstyle looks like a tough labyrinth to resolve. The joint combination of hair fall till shoulders and dreads and bun crossing them. Firstly comb your hair back and make dreads of half of the inner hair and then make a high heavy bun with the remaining of the hair and allow hangings of feathers coming out from it. With a curler make curling’s on that outcomes, leave it open covering the dreads.

Fun colorful dreads

dreadlocks-hairstyle-for-women-Fun colorful dreads


A full funny and funky dreads for all girls with a tomboy look. The front falling bangs will be in a short size remaining the rest back side which will be tied in dread locks and colored with tiny rolling’s. the colorful layers locked between the dread locks looks to energetic. The gap between the bangs and dread locks are so cleanly shaved that it really looks glossy.


Fleur De Lis Dreadlock Bun

dreadlocks-hairstyle-for-women-Fleur De Lis Dreadlock Bun

The clean tiny soothing lines of braids lines with none gaps, tiny rolls tied in a crispy rounded bun, the curling’s look like round crisp of snacks. The loops are really funky tied in a great depth with highly featured. This style is of great compliment.


Elegant dread lock bun up do

dreadlocks-hairstyle-for-women-Elegant dread lock bun up do

A very simple clean style especially fit for a family occasion like marriage or any other ceremony. The tiny dread lock tied back and pinned up in a tight formed bun and accessories with net castle or flowers can be added to it.

Chunky rope locks

dreadlocks-hairstyle-for-women-Chunky rope locks

A set of twisted dreads looking a tough shades of rope in numerous layers tied hardly from the crown portion and held in various numbers, it increases the volume and bulk of your hair. After making the complete ropes of your hair and leave it openly held you can also make a high pony of it as per your choice.

Side parted dreads


A clean shaved of hair on one side of the ear and the rest tied in a braid and loose dread lock locked at one side. Let the loose hanging fall and cover till your shoulder lengths.

Free and easy long textured locks

dreadlocks-hairstyle-for-women-Free and easy long textured locks

Such simple free and easy long textured highly redefined long textured locks with side puff. The high revolved puffs with side combing and half of the hair braided and half remains open under the dread locks. Use colorful clips to lock these patterns.

Dreadlock bun with side bangs


We all are very familiar of the bangs and it alluring sentiments which it serves, what if the bangs are redefined with dread lock braids, make high dread lock braids in numerous numbers and then tie it to a heavy high profile bun and allow a loose layer of bangs coming out from that following bun itself and covering the face.

Peek-A-Boo Green Locks

dreadlocks-hairstyle-for-women-Peek-A-Boo Green Locks


Don’t go on the name the process of styling is as easy as the braid is higher to tie, just simply back combed hair with different layers of divided dreads following till shoulders, these sets include vibrant blonde of dreads which can be highlighted with colors. You can add colored dreads hided and pinned under the natural ones.

Whimsical dreadlock pigtail

dreadlocks-hairstyle-for-women-Whimsical dreadlock pigtail

Pigtails are always the loveliest style ever, the middle dividing of two side pig tail ponies which are tied up with different layers of dreadlocks which you can accent in multi-layer colored standard. The combination of instant layers of pigtail in dreads also highlighted with colors look really great.

Sea weeds and coral extensions of skinny dreads

dreadlocks-hairstyle-for-women-Peek-A-Boo Green Locks

Such a beautiful appearance of hairstyle which looks like the coral relief of an ocean. The tiny rolled layers of twigs formed in different colors, rolled like a snaky texture in a zig-zag way really serves a colorful dreamy structure one would like to have.

Polished dreadlocks

dreadlocks-hairstyle-for-women-Polished dreadlocks

Simple styling of dread lock by just adding polished layers to it. A very tiny layers of tidy clean patterns. These braids are so highly refined that the scalp is easily visible. You can also make braids and add false dreads to it which looks so even.

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