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Beautiful Flower Girl Hairstyles for Wedding

In a wedding, everyone tries to look the best from uncle to aunties, brothers to sisters but everyone turns a blind eye to flower girls. But these young cute girls also play an important role at the wedding, leading the bride into the aisle, dumping the basket of flowers at one side. Even though no one notices them, but even they want to look good and want people to notice them. So, here we’ve discussed few hairstyles to give these flower girls a gorgeous look.

Flower Girl Hairstyles for Wedding

Long Bob

Beautiful Flower Girl Hairstyles Long Bob

The simple and sophisticated bob hairstyle that is not only sleek, but also looks highly polished and natural, plus the dark and light highlights can make any woman with fair skin look amazing.

Wavy bob

Beautiful Flower Girl Hairstyles Wavy bob

This is a wavy hairstyle with layered bob and side-swept fringes.

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Half updos

Beautiful Flower Girl Hairstyles Half updos

This is a messy, half up, half down hairstyle adding freshly picked flowers and leaves to the hair, giving a perfect flower girl look.

Messy Updos

Beautiful Flower Girl Hairstyles Messy Updo

This is a side-swept and undone updos hairstyle which allows the person to keep the hair out of their face while getting a charming look. This type of hairstyle is a perfect wedding hairstyle for girls with medium to long length hair.

Side Part Pony

Beautiful Flower Girl Hairstyles Side Part Pony

This is a simple hairstyle with a deep side-parted pony and a floral headpiece.

Twisted Hair knot

Beautiful Flower Girl Hairstyles Twisted Hair Knot

This is a high bun knot hairstyle where the hair is twisted and piled up on the crown.

Curly Low Bun

Beautiful Flower Girl Hairstyles Curly Low Bun

This is a curly hair tied in a low bun which only prevents hair from falling on your face but also gives you a cute flower girl look for a wedding.

Braided Half Updos with Flower Crown

Beautiful Flower Girl Hairstyles Braided Half Updos with Flower Crown

This is a wonderful hairstyle combining braided style with half updos. Giving a glamorous look with lovely and eccentric loose hair. Add flower crown to get a flawless finishing touch.

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Messy long hair

Beautiful Flower Girl HairstylesMessy long hair

This is a perfect hairstyle for flower girls with long and wavy hair.

Braided crown

Beautiful Flower Girl Hairstyles Braided crown

This is a great hairstyle for shiny and long hair. To get this hairstyle just braid a thick band on the crown and a single flower for a glam touch.

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