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Best Bridal Wedding Half up and Half down Hairstyle

Finally the wedding season is here and you are still confounding with different possibilities of perfection that how you can enhance your great bridal look and adopt a divine classy look on your special day. No matter, it’s your wedding or of your loved ones which only matters is that you should look different and perfect that could really fascinate one and here there are options to enhance one. Only beautiful dresses and appealing makeup are not enough the most important thing which itself reveals everything is your way of styling hair. Although there are many suitable different trendy hairstyles that could be practiced in a bridal season, but only few are the best that really goes on one’s era and give an alluring spousal look. The half up and half down hairstyles are really a creative one and really specialized for a formal look and loved by all. So here below are mentioned some of the trendy hairstyles of half up and down go below and have a check on all of these choose one you find it suitable and look great.


Half up and half down hairstyle –


Bulky curled braided with layers


A heavy bulky hair with large volume can be managed with different layers of numerous tiny hair  falling at the back. half of the hair rolled up and collected to form a braid which pinned from one side covers the other rest of the hair left open.

Cascading half up do


As similar as the cascade the natural heavy falling of hair, it looks like a showers of waves are falling from the rounded bun. A sleeked back pinned curled bun with many layers of loose tangling waves coming out from it.

Celic knot



Try something new and creative, experience a rope tied knot on your smooth straight hair. Three sleeked patterns tied into one single knot looks so familiar and exotic. Fix the different sub sections into one tiny knot and allow the rest of the hair to fell open.

Half french braid


French braids are the best option for bridal look, tiny slots of patterned braids rolled and pinned into a sleeked straight thin pony with rest of the hair open. Add little bobby pins or flowers to enhance it more.

Half up and down braided pony tail


A perfect style to show the beauty of thick heavy hair, the different sub sections of patterns with long layers slanted upwards and then fixed down in a circular pattern to mix up with a pony tail.

Half up braided with flowers


Flowers add extra essence to a spousal look and complete your look in a different way and adding a flower to your look is the most important part. There are numerous of styles for brides in which flowers play a vital role to polish the impact you can also check my previous hairstyle which is wedding-hairstyles-with-flowers/if you want to read more . The loose flowing tangling curls into different layers and high stuffed tight braids from one side of the face tied to another and flowers to complete the style. Such an alluring  style to lighten up the aroma.

Rolled up half and down


A simple sweet easy and innocent style to improve your look, straight hair combed towards backward  with side rolling curved hair fixed at the middle part and joint the falling.

Side curved tangling waves


Layered style is always the best one and specially when you are practicing different experiments on that. just collect some of your lined patterned hair and fix it another side, the tiny sub sections and pinned flowers looks great.

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Vintage style


We all are very known with the vintage style as it goes to royal and always looks the best. A sweet vintage curls rolled up side and slanted towards one side of the face and fixed there with different rolling motions at one above another.

Straight water fall braid


A gorgeous hairstyle if you have a small hair then you can perfectly plan for this style. Make your hair completely straight into different linings and a sharp cut at the edge with front braiding which hangs till the last.

Sleeked half side braid



Half braided style with loose heavy bangs a perfect combination, side parted loose hair with different layers and tiny braids parted from one side and fixed at another. Rest of the hair should left opened and combed in a messed way.

Side loose fish tail braid


Fish tail braids are especially designed for bridal look, this time instead of tying back you make a side portion with loose flickering backs and heavy braided bang at the forehead joining the loose braids at the down.


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