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Best Hair Salons in Boston – Review and Directory

A bad cut or a poor dye job can make you very sad. But I am very thankful, there are plenty of stylists in this city that you can trust with your tresses. Since there are so many of them, we’ve narrowed it down to the best hair salon in Boston, so you can just relax and book your next appointment without much worrying. These salons offer trims, color treatments, and even luxury services on a par with our favorite spas in Boston, the best salons in the city will turn your dull and boring looking hair into a celebrity-status mane in no time.

Best Hair Salon Boston

1. Acote Salon

Best Hair Salon Boston Acote Salon

Blowout- $45 and up

Address- 132 Newbury St.

Phone Number-617-262-5111

Salon Acote was founded by Gaston Safar in 1998 offering the best in hair services. Gaston Safar along with his brother also owns the Safar Coiffure and Salon Acote in Boston, as well as Safar Salon in the heart of Miami Beach. Currently, Salon Acote is also one of the best hair salons in Boston providing a wide range of services.

2. Bradley & Diegel Salon

Best Hair Salon Boston Bradley & Diegel Salon

Cut- $70

Address-77 Newbury St.

Phone Number- 617-266-7707

This salon is also one of the best hair salons in Boston and offers an array of services at different prices depending upon the customer’s personal stylist/colorist’s level of experience. This salon has an extensive training program, in which they offer free hair cutting and coloring services with trainees. The salon invites customers to sit as a model for their trainee training sessions. Sessions run in 2-3 hours in length. All work is supervised by our educational team.

3. James Joseph Salon

Best Hair Salon Boston James Joseph Salon

Cut- $90 and up

Address-30 Newbury St

Phone number- 617-266-7222

James Joseph Salon is also one of the best hair salons in Boston. It is Boston’s Most Award-Winning Salons since 1977. The staff of James Joseph Salon are skilled in the most current hair care techniques and can adapt them to accommodate any customer. Stylists here, go through two years of basic training as apprentices and then continue with monthly workshops and seminars throughout their tenure.

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4. Daryl Christopher Wellness Salon and Spa

Best Hair Salon Boston Daryl Christopher Wellness Salon and Spa

Blowout- $65

Address- 1265 Main Street #115  Waltham MA 02451

Phone Number- 781.890.9211

Daryl Christopher Wellness Salon and Spa provides a wide range of services and has all three spas, salon and retail shop under one roof.  It is one of the best hair salons in Boston and the atmosphere is serene and sophisticated and the employees are all professional and friendly.

5. Kenneth Wildes Salon

Best Hair Salon Boston Kenneth Wildes Salon

Cut- $83

Address- 9 Beacon Pl, Newton, MA 02459, United States

Phone number- +1 617-964-2077

It is one of the best hair salons in Boston. I had the opportunity to be a client during one of Kenneth’s hair cutting classes for his staff. What an unbelievable opportunity. Kenneth did a great job of allowing his staff cut while instructing and stepping in as needed. Kenneth Wildes, the owner of the highly successful Kenneth Wildes Salon in Newton, Massachusetts, is considered one of Boston’s best hair stylists.

6. Lindsay Griffin Hair

Best Hair Salon Boston Lindsay Griffin Hair

Cut and Highlights- $65 and up

Address: 106 Bristol Rd, Somerville, MA 02144, United States

Phone:+1 617-625-0001

I went to Lindsay Griffin hair salon which is considered as one of the best hair salons in Boston, in hopes of fixing what I had done to my hair. Boxed color mixed with grown out professional highlights had left me with quite a mess and I wasn’t even sure how I wanted to fix it. I booked an appointment with Amy who, after listening to my concerns, recommended balayage. I can’t say enough about my experience with Amy. She did a phenomenal job – she gave me exactly what I was looking for and made me feel so comfortable while I was in her chair, which is always so important

7. Pini Swissa Salon

Best Hair Salon Boston Pini Swissa Salon

Address: 18 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02116, United States
Phone:+1 617-236-1727
Pini Swissa is the best thing has ever happened to my hair!. After years of fearfully over-paying stylists to give me 1/2″ trims lest they actually cut my hair and mess it up, I am so happy whenever I leave Pini’s chair. He’s amazing with layering and listens intently to what I’m going for. This salon truly proves that it is one of the best hair salons in Boston.

8. Salon Mario Russo

Best Hair Salon Boston Salon Mario Russo

Color- $90 and up

Address: 60 Northern Ave, Boston, MA 02210, United States

Phone:+1 857-350-3139
Salon Mario Russo is one of the best hair salons in Boston. Wonderful customer service, very attentive staff, and professional hairdressers who have been in the business for years. Monica is one of the best there. As a blonde,I always worry that a stylist is going to go too bright or too yellow but the color she does always come out perfect! Highly recommended and worth the money.

9. Stilisti

Best Hair Salon Boston Stilisti

Cut- $100

Address: 116 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02116, United States

Phone:+1 617-262-2234
I’ve gone to Stilisti for a little over a year when it was at its original location and I’ve paid one visit since the move and merge with Jean-Pierre salon. Verdict? Pros remain the same and the cons have grown significantly. Bottom line, I’ll still be going back. Stilisti can be considered as one of the best hair salons in Boston.

10. Viselli Santoro Salon

Best Hair Salon Boston Viselli Santoro Salon

Address: 297 Newbury St, Boston, MA 02115, United States

Phone:+1 857-350-4856
I just got my haircut by Daria Jones and she did an amazing job! I was initially worried at first because I recently got a haircut from a hairstylist I’ve gone to for the last three years and she did a terrible job. Fortunately, Daria fixed it right up and gave me the bob-style I wanted. She even taught me how to style it myself! This salon is definitely one of the best hair salons in Boston.



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