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Best Hairstyles for Women in 30’s

So now you are up to certain responsibilities because you are already about 30 and it’s the time when many of you get married or planning for that which finally reveals that it’s time to look after you and the perfect guideline of your life. After 30 even many of you gets confounded beyond your looks that either they are going to suit you or not. Like at teenage we generally don’t look much about various hairstyles and adopt whatever looks funky, stylish or just matches to our looks, but it’s something different in 30 as you also have to match up a certain decency. But remember, no age can bound the beauty so there are even numerous for all kinds of face, skin, age and hair which probably affects more. No matter what kind of hair you are having a short curly hair or a long straight if you are doing some kind of creativity, then you are surely going to look the best of all. The good side for women in 30 are that they can choose any kind of hairstyle according to them, whichever they find appropriate like heavy Beachy waves or curly messy hair, straight tresses or colorful highlights. You can adopt and choose anything according to your choice and all you have to remember is to choose a right kind of hairstyle which suits your face and hair. So probably there are numerous to style with like some of the best classy hairstyle which really suits on almost all kinds of face and skin are mentioned below here. You can go through them choose one according to you and shine.


Hairstyle for women in 30

Red cropped hairstyle


Make your hair color deeper like age of 30. It’s time to try something new and this short color extra cropped bob can be perfect for you. A highlighted layers of grazed hair covering the neck line and forehead with short bangs.

Wave hairstyle


Waves proves to be the best creative hairstyle ever no matter styled on which type of face and hair. A high defined gentle flowing curly waves when falls on your shoulders, at that point of time no one can deny with the fact that you are the prettiest one on earth. Whether your hair is straight or curly you can even make your rough section smoother with the help of a gel based technology and part simple gentle curly waves on them with the help of a curling iron.

Messy pony tail


Pony tail is the best calm and soothing hairstyle which is also very easy. And this time you can try a pony tail with its sexy version of classy updo in a messed way where your front layers will not be attached in your loose pony tail and will cover your face from sides. The middle length hair with thick bouncy curls create tumbling waves and later pulled out in a loose pony looks great.

Long straight pony tail



This time let your style prove that a long pony tail is never out of fashion only if you can style it with perfection. A long straight hair tied in a neat clean cut long pony tail. A great easy and stylish style for women in 30 usually the best one for poker straight hair. You can set your easy look with a hair spray to finish your look. Take a small section hair at the crown area and wrap it above the rubber band to make it more creative and secure the sections with bobby pins.

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Bohemian curls hairstyle



This is one of the lavishing hairstyle ever, where your simple natural curls turn up to be expensive and royal which one would really desire to style. Don’t always go with a short cut this time try this hairstyle on your long tresses. Simply take small sections of hair from the front and make plaits in numerous patterns leave the hair hanging at the back. When fully completed fix the look with small bobby pins and settle them in a crisscross way messed with each other and leave rest of the hair open. The soft beachy waves of loose curls will do enough this time.


Curly quiff hairstyle


This hairstyle is named as curly quiff but it should be changed as a queen hairstyle because a very gentle royal look is created all around the face when a messy short tiny bushy covering of hair section in a bundle is made at the crown area. You can give it a latest styling by updating the quiff with a curly version of glamorous curls. A perfect style for bob size hair finish the look with a hair spray.

Short bob with fringe


Sometimes you love a straight hair because of its sleekness then you can easily style them of your own. With the help of an straightening iron mark straight lines on your curly hair and if already you are blessed with natural straight hair then never go back with this style and try something new. A sharpen grazed bob equal in size from all sides of the face. The long crunchy deep fringes give you a latest modern look which really suits on all personality and yet looks beautiful.

Short curly hairstyle


The second loveliest hairstyle after straight hair. A loose curly hair where gentle soft cheeses rounding’s cover your face and no one can beat you in cuteness. If you love a curly hair then please style this, just mark soft curls with the help of a curling iron on your natural hair and give it a messy bob cut look where the tiny rounded twig shaped hair covers your face in a soft way. This will be the best dainty look ever.

Long curly hairstyle


This one can prove that if short curly bob serves cuteness then a long styled bob serves you a hot cherished look with a sexy base. Add some spicy curls to your long tresses. A best romantic hairstyle for all seasons, which will do best on medium long hair so the weight can add shine to the curls.

Crew cut


If you already just fed up with your long tresses and want to change your look with your age then you can really make all surprised with your extra astonishing look which is really a fascinating one. A short razored hair with extra highlights serves a bold and hotter look which is yet decent.

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