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Best Long Hairstyles for Women Over 50 – How To Style

No matter how much good you are looking with your outfits and make up, you can’t held up completely if you have done nothing with your hair. Were as a little perfection in hairstyle can make you look far better no matter what you are wearing and how you are looking without makeup. A Little effort done to make over your hair, can add starts to your  stunning look and make people fascinated towards you. You should probably know about the various hairstyles and haircuts so that you could easily hold on with, that you can make your summer mornings or cool evenings according to you. so here beneath are mentioned some of the gorgeous and easy hairstyles even endorsed by many famous TV artist you can go through them to make your look a bit sophisticated.




If you really want to look cool in summer you should definitely go with these fluffy waves like an ocean, or to warm up your look in the winters with a hot proof jacket, this hairstyle will explicitly help you to look dam reputable.


Diane Lane- Beachy Curls - hairstyles for Women Over 50


  1. Just make your hair clean with a good clearing shampoo, and use a perfect nourishing conditioner. dry your hair completely and just have a cut off to your uneven cut outs of hair at the end.
  2. Take a hair straightener or a hair iron heat it up properly, be aware you don’t have any previous oil; content in your straightener if so try to clean it properly with a dry tissue.
  3. Parted your hair , comb it in two ways.
  4. Take the iron , wrap your hair in that and revolve it around, give a little pressure and remember the iron should not be so hot, try to repeat it twice to give a perfect finish.


If you are too fond of curls and want to experience 1 this kind of haircut on yourself, then you can probably go for the tips given below. no matter if you are having a straight hair they are also functional on long ones.


loose curls hairstyle


  1. Wash your hair properly and dry it completely.
  2. take an curling iron and tighten your hair between them, rotate it and repeat.
  3. make your curled parts tighten with a rubber band separately, each of the parts should be alone.
  4. cut out the remaining hair coming out of the rubber band.
  5. loose your hair, comb and enjoy.



To add a hottest look in your profile, or to set up a night table dinner the side straight parted is really gentle and gorgeous, even if you are on a summer date, a short straight hair with side part is the best option to adorn your delicacy.

Julianne Moore - Straight Side Part - Haircut for Women over 50


  1. Wash your hair properly with a proper product of shampoo and conditioner, make it complete dry.
  2. Comb your hair properly, and parted it properly.
  3. With the help of a straightener make your hair complete straight.
  4. Cut out the unwanted ends in your hair, to give it a perfect shape
  5. Lock your hair with a good quality light weighted hair spray.


If you are having a short hair and you love curls, then you can obviously go with this, these short curls can prove be the outfit no matter you are in an official meeting, a summer date, a night out with some one special. if you are wearing a hot super shots or in an traditional wear this short curly siblings have proved been the best. just  try to roll down your hair with an curling iron to give it a fluffy look, get your hair locked up with a light weighted spray.

Michelle Pfeiffer - Traditional Curls - Haircut for Women over 50



To get a Straight hair is the dream of every girl, even mine and what if you can get a naturally straight one as heating up your hair with different machines leaves lots of damages. but how ? so here below are given some of the tips to straighten up your hair naturally.



Monica Bellucci - Naturally Straight - Haircut for Women over 50





  1. Mix some water in coconut oil, with the help of a spoon mix it properly, comb your hair partially, take that mixture in your hand and use your hand as a natural pressure, press your hair with your palms in a straight direction rubbing that mixture in your hair. leave for 2 to 3 hours in the same position and then wash away.
  2. Collect some amount of cold milk and apply it your hand in the same rubbing way,continue this process daily morning and then wash of your hair.
  3. Mix egg and olive oil in a container and apply it to your hair daily before washing.
  4. Mix half cup aloe vera juice with hot oil and massage your hair daily with it it will help the hair roots to grow in a straight direction.




This hairstyle can proved to be so good if you are going on an evening date, a formal party or an occasion where you just have to look lavish.

Sandra Bullock Side swept curls - Long Hairstyles For Women Over 50


  1. Wash and dry your hair properly.
  2. comb your hair in two parts.
  3. leave one part look straight and even, pin up that part combing backward.
  4. the other part leave the upper hair straight, but make curling’s in the lower areas and leave it open.
  5. this half locked straight and half open curls will really look so superior.
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