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Best Micro braids hairstyle for women

Micro braids are considered to be stylist, trendy and sassy, if you plan to have micro braids than you have considered keeping it for long duration, so to utilize your style, otherwise it will not worth it. The hairstyle will make you look phenomenal, as you see in the pic the braids are so micro that its own self make your hairstyle look like pearls. If you feel your hair to be fizzy, then you should make a habit of making micro braids to skip the critical circumstances.

There is so endless amount of protective hairstyle you can prefer from micro braids as, it is so popular and trendy among woman. This micro braid is low maintained and looks totally versatile. Before you get started, ensure your hair is long enough to try these popular celeb styles. For a duration you can install this braid which will last long and equally protects your hair from so unwanted environment. The braid will look gorgeous and stunning once they are done, but also it can take several hours to finish. It is like an irony that cooking of delicious food takes time.

The important things which should be remembered is you should have long healthy hair, should have soft texture of hair, always you conditioner to keep them moisturize and fresh. Micro braids are found to be a mainstay, while other just dabble in them. Rock your hair with these micro braids and showcase a new style of you.

we have come with top 20 new mind blowing hairstyle which will totally blow you mind.

Micro braids hairstyle

Micro braids style

Peals braid

Pearl braid

There must be some words which must have popped in your mind, when you see this stunning micro braid. Well, I must discuss the reason of your wow reaction, and the reason behind it is, if you have seen the picture properly you can see braids looking like pearls. This peals structure gives unexpected extra marks for versatile hairstyle. They almost create illusion when seen from a distance, but when seen closer, it is found to be superb thin micro braids.

Simple micro braid

simple micro braid

If you are crazy latest hairstyle follower and searching for a new spice hairstyle, then here it is, we present you a phenomenal hairstyle which can make you a center of attraction in any part of the world. The blonde shade is in the fashion and when combines with micro braid, it result with wow hairdo. Your entire hairstyle will be fascinated and so mature for sure that everyone will start staring at you. These micro braid styles have always been a mind-blowing and spicy hairstyle to pick.

Micro braid half up do

micro braid half up do

Busy with regular classes or any outdoor event with friends or family, this is one of the best styles which will suit you in the condition. Up does are the latest and a funky hairstyle to do, you only have to take your half micro braids and tie it up. It takes couples of times for this attire. Blend it with natural makeup and beautiful ear ring also don’t forget to apply favorable shade of lipstick. Micro braid styles are just phenomenal and sassy to do.

Chain braid

chain braid

Finally, summer is stepping towards us, and we need to be ready to tackle our daily problem in the season. One of the most important and furious problem is maintenance of hair. So here we bring an icy hairstyle to overcome your day to day hairstyle problem. If you are the queen of micro braids style, then we present you the style of your choice. This will make you look sassy and sizzling and will love this hotness.

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Jet black micro braids

jet black micro braid

Love to keep things simple and classy? If you heartily believe that less is more than, you must need to check out this elegant micro braid style of your type. It follows two advantages and those are, you don’t have to spend more time on making buns or layering your hair, also equally protects your hair tremendously. Sometimes simplicity becomes a great sword to achieve the appreciation.

Silver gray micro braid

silver gray micro braid

If the unique fox is your spirit animal, then this micro braid style will definitely make you love with it also, will suit your personality. These silver grey micro braids will make you look like a dynamic celeb getting ready for a magazine. The hairstyle is so latest and sexy that it will bring your cool funky look. None of your friends or any other women would have ever imagine of this type hairstyle, so now it’s  time to increase your followers list and make them feel jealous from your hairstyle.

Open braid

open braids

If you are looking for new micro braid style, then you have come to the right place. Micro braids are kind of braiding style that is more sassy and small. The braids are in a structure of pearl and look amazing. The braids are tied up tightly to the scalp, and the great thing about the style is that it can stay for a month if kept properly. It is too popular among Africans and Americans.

Anime braid

anime braid

Micro braid style is a name given for the reason of it minute braiding process. Although this type of braiding can be made with natural hair, but if you don’t want to have tight braids and love to do it, then you can prefer a lot hair extension which is styled like micro braid. Braiding like this makes it easier to look funky with attractive shade without damaging your hair.

Bun braid

bun braid

Micro braids may not be suitable for every woman, you should have the audacity to do the hairstyle and judge yourself according to it. It is important that you should have the patience and attitude to except a new look. This bun hairstyle is so trendy and is totally outstanding to do. Either you visit an outdoor party or a romantic date you will feel the presence of beauty and appreciation near you. The micro braid style is just amazing and enormous to do equally give a new confidence in styling.

Rope micro braid

rope micro braid

If you want to conquer the micro braid style and searching for simple but wow hairstyle then here we bring a style to want to protect it then, you must try this micro braid style because it gives protection as well as fantastic hair style. These types of hairstyle need low maintenance and fits all face shapes. Remember that, whenever you try this hairstyle, make yourself free from all work, because it takes time to do. If you feel to open your hair but also want to protect it, then this hairdo is best for you.

Middle parted micro braid

middle parted braid

Micro braids are considered to be stylist, trendy and sassy, if you plan to have micro braids than you have considered keeping it for long duration, so to utilize your style, otherwise it will not worth it. The hairstyle will make you look phenomenal, as you see in the pic the braids are so micro that its own self make your hairstyle look like pearls. If you feel your hair to be fizzy, then you should make a habit of making micro braids style to skip the critical circumstances.

Creative design

creative design

Extraordinary, outstanding, phenomenal. These are the few words that pop into your mind when you see micro braids style. You have heard of a phrase that sometimes small bombs burst enormously, this micro braid relates in the same manner. These micro braids are famous because with micro braids you can do various hairstyles, the above picture is an example of variation. Now this is the time to make your own self look super stunning with throw your glamour all around you.

Braided ponytail

braided ponytail

If you want to describe your mood and personality with a creative hairstyle then here we bring a style as per your choice. Well! Some girls get curious after doing micro braids, as they face difficulties of not finding any more style to do in braids. Here is an easy and a royal micro braid style to do, which will make you look gorgeous and extra special. This will be a great opportunity to showcase your personality as well as becoming a wow factor in the crowd.

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Middle parted

middle parted

With a busy schedule and want to have other hairstyle then micro braids? Then style your hair in the cool and effortless hairstyle. You only need to take your few layers of micro braids and clip them below or behind your ear. This is the best way to hide your imperfection even in a better manner. Add up with natural makeup and with a beautiful pair of earrings so to give a brilliant micro braid style.

Broad braid

broad braid

The perfect hairstyle is found to be absolutely stunning and fascinating. Here is a chance to achieve a style which will look stunning in all type faces. Every girl dream of styling her hair without harming, this broad micro braid hairstyle will enhance your beauty and make your hair look more bouncy. The overall hairstyle represents freshness and protection of hair.

Left parted hairstyle

left parted hairstyle

Let’s start off with a bang a hairstyle which will make you feel wow about it. You are walking down in a party with a glamorous dress and catching everyone’s eye. What hair do you spot in this scenario? This gorgeous style that starts off with deep rooted braids which will make you look phenomenal. The micro braid hairstyle is simple and brings a latest adorable look. Apply some natural and normal look to your face with circular rings, it will make more stunning and beautiful.

Pink braid

pink braid

If you want to describe your hair as rich and royal, here’s a micro braid style as per your choice which will suit you in all occasions. If you feel bored of your black hair, then the time has come to try a new color so to add a wow factor for you. Tie these micro braids in a gorgeous manner to showcase your hair in glorified form. Either you are in an outdoor or indoor party or in the office you will just rock the moment with lots of appreciation.

Short braid

short braid

This short hair micro braids style are dynamic all by themselves and bring a super simple but badass look. The special part about this hairstyle is, it is very simple to do and contains low maintenance. The most important thing about this hairstyle is you can equally protect your hair while hair styling your hairstyle in a brilliant way.