Bohemian Wavy Hairstyles for Women 2021 – How To Style

Chestnut waves


You can just enhance your inner royal look by adopting these soft framing waves and side frame look. Medium length wavy hair with twisted patterns and deep edges with high bangs. Complete hair parted at one side with bangs at the other.

How to style?

  • Settle down your hair by combing it well.
  • Section in a side parted way.
  • Use a curling iron to make gentle curls on the complete hair.
  • Collect all your hair and push it one side.
  • You can push it to the side you want.
  • Secure your look with bobby pins.
  • Be sure these bobby pins are not easily visible.
  • Gently with your hand take out some pieces of your hair and lay it down to one side.
  • Complete the look with face framing bangs.

Flower waves


Flowers itself gives a soft layered texture like a royal look and above that if you are styling it with soft gentle flowers by adding it to the waves you are modifying your look in a much better way.

How to style?

  • Arrange your hair properly.
  • With the help of a curling iron make soft gentle curls.
  • Pin your hair back from one side.
  • At the crown area add a textured flower crown.
  • Use your fingers to comb the lower hanging.

Soft and short


If you think that a short haircut will not be experienced with a wavy cut then you are completely wrong, because a short haircut like bob or medium length both are good for a cute hairstyle. How dainty it looks that a short curly ringlets are trapped in a short hairstyle.

How to style?

  • Arrange you hair properly and comb it well.
  • With a comb make a semi-drastic side part.
  • With a curling iron make soft gentle curls on them.
  • With bobby pins collect one side of the hair and pin it back of the ear.
  • Add a side flower to make the look daintier.

Golden blonde side parted


Short textured numerous waves with soft side parted bangs and side pinned hair, a highlighted texture of golden color to make it more appealing.

How to style?

  • Make your long hair more precious by giving it a golden color highlights on it.
  • Comb your hair properly and settle down.
  • Collect all your hair and pin it to one side
  • Allow striped bangs to cover your face from the same side crossing your forehead.
  • Leave the rest hair open completely.

Heavy waves with flower plated band


Alike the curls the layered hair also creates waves which gives a messy but fluffy texture. Opened hair with messed up layers and a middle flower plated broach fixed at the crown area, with rest hair open.

How to style?

  • Get a long layered haircut.
  • Settle down your hair in a messy way.
  • Part it in a middle way with rest of the hair opened and left hanging.
  • With a straightening iron mark wavy layers at each pattern of your hair.
  • At the crown area add a flower plated heavy band and cover the crown properly.

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Pixie cut with waves


Only long hair are not made for waves but the short blonde pixie cut with average layers are also good haircut to carve with waves. A messy layers of short cut with short texturing waves. You can also get a wavy layered bang to complete this stunning look.

How to style?

  • Get a short stripped pixie cut with almost many layers.
  • Mark wavy curl at each pattern of hair.
  • Gently with your fingers mess up the hair.
  • Allow heavy wavy bangs to cover your look.
  • Settle this look with a hair spray.


Bohemian wavy hair look with heavy bangs


Although waves create a messy texture you can add a more volume by giving an extra heavy bangs at the crown area. A high layered or messed up bangs at the forehead.

How to style?

  • On your heavy messy layered combing the wavy hair look you can also add messy bangs.
  • Comb and settle down your hair properly.
  • Add a heavy textured layer of bangs.
  • Pin the rest of the hair back.
  • Leave the hair open.

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