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Box Braid Hairstyle for Women

Many are still unaware of box braid that what actually are they, box braid are individual plaits that are usually divided by small squared off parts or boxes. It can be of any length size or pattern, most likely part of it is that they are not attached to the scalp. They are divided into different rows and styles which is a lengthy process, but it looks beautiful and fascinated when completed. You can waste your time once tying the box braid, but you can also save your stint in of daily styling and combing. There are numerous kind of box braid and thousands of styles-pattern to go through, even if you want to go through any and see it experienced on yourself, then you can definitely go for one and have credence it really works to fascinate people towards you and helps you to look gorgeous. So to favor on  you, I am mentioning some of the easy box braid hairstyles beneath you can go through them and choose one according to your choice whichever is suitable for you and get an alluring appearance.



Some Box Braid hairstyles are –

Big Beyonce bun


A French beauty blogger Priscilla created this style, a very high combed braided bun is highly popular in the memories of Priscilla.

High bun with side bang


Vlogger created bang and a very high bun look, a loose bun created covering your top head and converting into a bun.

Heart bun


It is a very creative style especially in honor of your valentine, covert the braids into two parts and in an alternating motion twist them and fix tightly.

Braided bun half side


It is a very quick and easy process by just pulling back your hair and tying a long pony tail and then braid to it, stitching it to the half sided made bun.

Double twist bun


Add accessory and look stylish after creating a two sided bun with braid. divide the braid into two sections and make two bun, in a tidy way, don’t get messed up with your work.

Flower bun


A very long made braid, formed small sections of curls and flowers, continue until the curled portions are properly pined.

High front twist


A heart shaped twisted bun formed in very small sections, an untidy messed pony tail tied after it.

Faux Hawkbox-braid-hairstyle-for-women-faux-waxl

It is a fish tail braid made from weaving the back, mold it to the height according to your choice.

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