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Braided Hairstyles for Women above 50

Long pony tail with braid


Long braids tied and pined up in different sections, and then secured and fixed in a single pony tail.

Braided bang with bun


Braided bang covering and rolling down your forehead with a heavy high bun at the back joining the back.

Straight combed with braided pony tail


A simple straight back combing of hair with braided long pony tail till the edge in different sections locked into one single.

Braided roped rolled hanging


Believe your hair will look like a rope hanging and tied very fixed hard to open, the rolled braid with side combing and openly left.

High heavy braided bun


A tiny braids tied in different numerous sections with a heavy bun tied at the crown area looks like a heavy crown covering your face.

Braided curls with short bob


A short bob cut hair braided with curls looks so stylish, you can also add jewels to it.

Curled and rolled braided bun


Curled braids with rolled in different sections and fixed in a bun at the crown area with different partings.

Short rolled braided pixie


You can’t believe that even the short pixie hair will also look so creative when rolled and braided into tiny falling.

Straight hair with side braid


Straight parting combed hair with a very little braid tied and joined in the straight falling, is the latest style suitable for all occasion.

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