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Braided Headband Hairstyles – How To Style Video Tutorial

Braided Headband Hairstyle
The Braided Headband Hairstyle is a clothing accessory worn in the hair or around the head or forehead usually to hold away hair from faces and eye. But nowadays, it is not only used in cases to prevent your hair falling on your eyes or face but is also used for fashion, as wearing a headband gives an extra textured look. First, you used to get a clean combing after arranging with the headband, but now a messy touch is also given after you could arrange with a headband. A headband is usually a thing which is there in the wardrobe of every girl, who loves to arrange with different hairstyles.

Making the headband style more fashionable nowadays instead of using an artificial one, a headband is designed in a new way with your hair itself by braiding your hair in patterns. Then arranging it in a crossed way anywhere in your hair the area which you find it suitable. Nowadays, this braided headband style is in great popularity and also adopted by many in different ways. There are almost many kinds of braided headband hairstyles and some of the most interesting ones are mentioned below here. If you too want to go with one such style and make your hair look more creative. Then you can easily style your hair by choosing anyone of the hairstyles which are not only easy to style, but also very amazing and beautiful.

Braided Headband Hairstyle

Braided headband hairstyles are –


French style

Braided head band hairstyles french style

French braided style is the most popular one because it is easy but looks very creative. Collect all your hair then comb it properly at the one corner. Then start braiding one strip of your hair from your area above the ear and then pin it properly to the other corner remaining the rest of the hair open. The size of the hair doesn’t matter, whether it is medium sized or long, this style is perfect for all.

Long straight hair

Braided head band hairstyles long straight hair with braided band

Long straight hair is perfect for fashion as it easily holds any kind of style and this braided band hairstyle is the perfect one. If you don’t have a straight hair make one with the help of a straightening iron and then comb it exactly this way and leave the hair open. After that select one corner of your head which you find suitable and braid it properly and then join it to the other section.

Dutch fishtail braid

Braided head band hairstyles fishtail braid

This is something which makes your look more matured and elegant. You have to start braiding from the opposite section of your divided pattern. Then braid it properly including the head and then make a soft ponytail at the base.

Braided headband updo

Braided head band hairstyles braided head band updo

This look will make you look cute than any other style can do. Collect all your hair and then pin it back and then secure your look properly.At the crown area settle your braided hair which should be collected from one side of the ear and then settled in the other area.

Subtle side braid

Braided head band hairstyles subtle side braid

This is the easiest way of hair braided band which you can easily get at your first attempt. Simply comb all your hair properly in a side parted way and then make a side braiding. Pin your hair there at the corner. Leave the rest of the hair open.

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Rolled-up braided headband

Braided head band hairstyles rolled up braided head band

A rolled up crown area touching the soft lines of your braided headband with the rest layers of hair open in a side parted way. Comb all your hair properly and then braid one of the section and pin it towards the area near your ears. Then collect your front falling bangs and after rolling each of the section pin it properly towards the base of the area.

Braided headband bun and bangs

Braided head band hairstyles subtle side braid

This name itself sounds that how interesting this combination will be, the braided band, bangs and a rolled up low bun. Collect all your hair and make a low bun then take a strip of your hair. Make a braiding section joining towards the ear and the pin it properly at the back.Then allow long ropes of bangs to cover your face from both sides.

Puffed with braided band and bangs

Braided head band hairstyles puffed with braided band

Puff makes your crown look textured and stunning, this hair look of a high puffed crown area with loose bangs and the braided headband is perfect all the time. Collect all your hair and make a high updo after diving the bangs and the braided section and then roll it to a loose bun at the lower area.

Messy layers with braided headband

Braided head band hairstyles messy bangs with braided band

Bangs make your look more appealing, you can easily style your headband look with bangs. After making a rolled bun at your center area. Then in the middle section make a soft tied braid and leave the rest of the front falling hair arranged with bangs.

Loose curls with braided headband

long curls with braided head bamd

Curly hair is more creative and glossy, you can easily make soft curls in your area at the base and then arrange with loose soft hanging hair and comb in a side parted way. After that, you can make soft framing bangs.

How To Style Tutorial

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