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Braided Ponytail Hairstyle for Black Woman

Braids can make you look like princes, if done with great perfection. Divide the hair into 5 halves so to make thick braids tie the 5 to 6 layers of braids properly so to get a tremendous look. You can pair it up with big earrings and mild makeup so to make you look more stunning. These braids protect your hair from dust and more hard pollution, these braids also helps to increase the length of hair speedy way.

African women absolutely trained and mesmerizing with braids, even they have been braiding since centuries and shows a regard of respect. Braids keep the hair clean and hygienic, and also make you feel comfortable with the braid. All over the world braids are considered as the trendy as well as ethnic style which among 10, 9 girls will always be ready to do braid instantly. Braids have great social and cultural importance and thus explore the hairstyle in a vast society. Braids also symbols differences of age, power, marital status etc.

Here are some extraordinary eye catching hairstyle which can improve your hair styling and fashion. Dive into this amazing hairstyle and be the reason to inspire your own self.

Braided Ponytail Hairstyle for Black Woman

Thick and thin braid



Braids can make you look like princes, if done with great perfection. Divide the hair into 5 halves so to make thick braids, tie the 5 to 6 layers of braids properly so to get a tremendous look. You can pair it up with big earrings and mild makeup so to make you look more stunning. These braids protect your hair from dust and more hard pollution, these braids also helps to increase the length of hair speedy way.

Ponytail bun

Ponytail bun

This is the top picked hairstyle for braided black women, to which every woman should try. On starting you must feel afraid of trying a new hairdo, but later you will feel extra shiny and tremendous. This hairstyle is the upgrade form of pony. You just have to divide the hair into two halves and make corn row till the end, make double pony and then twist the hair till it doesn’t form spiral coils, fix the pins properly so that you don’t have to face future problems ahead.

Tight braids

tight braids.

This is the celebrity hairstyle with full of fun and classic look. We all love ponytail, but what if it converts into more interesting and tremendous look. The hairstyle performs simple and magnificent look by dividing hair into 5 halves and braiding it till the end, make the hair tie-up properly so to make the hair style look visible and tight.  Braided black woman’s can feel this upgraded hairstyle and can become an eye catcher among the crowd.

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Red ponytail

red pony tail

A ponytail is one of the top rated hairstyle all over the world, it also synonymous with simplicity and comforts which every girl wants. Simple ponytail may make you look regular, for the better look you make take an opinion of applying red shade which automatically make you look stunning plus you may prefer to add with thin braids from the scalp till the end. You may need more amount of rubber band to tie up on the last. This braided pony may take time but also on the other hand will make you eye in the crowd. Braided black woman‘s are one of the most attractive woman in this world.

Middle parted braid

 middle parted braid

African hair braids are common among all over the world, to bring a unique style, color your half hair from down of any shade which is much visible. Proceeding with dividing the hair into two halves start braiding the hair till end, fix the hair properly and convert the hair into one pony. From this hairstyle you can equally highlight your hair shade as well as braiding hairstyle. Black braided women have the variety of hairstyle to do and over show themselves.

Braided high pony

braided high pony

Cords can really jazz your hair as you may feel free to style your hair with different hairstyles. This is a unique as well as a mixture of pony and braid. Adding idiosyncratic features to hair gives them a summery lift. These type hairstyle are perfect for times when you need an extraordinary and creative look. These black braided ponytail will make you comfortable in all type season either its spring or summer or its winter.  Braids gives your hair a glam and stunning hairdo, and when combines with a braided ponytail it make you look eye catcher in the crowd.

Jumbo box braid

jumbo box braids-

Braids can bring a wow factor in your hair by selecting a unique and stylish hairstyle to wear. It makes you ready for all type occasion in other hand also make you look extraordinary. Create a style which can make your hair look thicker and make the hairstyle look visible from all sides. You can also add up with beads to make it look more lovely, also if matched with simple but elegant makeup and a pair of earring, then it will make you look more gorgeous, and nobody can stop making you the center of attraction in any place.

Side braided ponytail

side braided ponytail

The ponytail is found to be an easy and versatile look, to make it more complicated and unique you can make braids from layers and switch it to side pony. It will make a new look and, also make you feel different in style. African braids are always found top rated style, to give it more innovative you can prefer any braids any pony for it. Braids are a great way to beat the heat and dust, also it make you look beautiful.

Brown braid

brown braid

Cornrows are around for many years and also considered to be one of the protective and mesmerizing hairstyle. Verities of hairstyle can be done from cornrow hairstyle either converted into a bun or pony or top knot bun or some other hairstyle. This hairstyle is chosen as selection and not option. You can look more stunning when you choose a brown cashew shade for your attire, unleash your hot and sizzling look and make the other girls jealous of your hair. Black braided hair must be in fashion but also brown braids are in same level of appraisal.

braid with ponytail

braid with ponytail

If you love doing ponytail and also braid, here is a perfect and easy hairstyle for you which make you look cute and adorable. One of the best and trendy feature about this hairstyle is, the tie up are is also knotted with a layer of hair. Girls in most of the time face tide schedule problem, well now you don’t have to face the problem regarding your style and look, as it looks phenomenal in all type dresses and is familiar with every event places. Black braids will make you rock the world and make the crowd look on you.

Brave braids

brave braids

If you feel to not deal with your natural hair, so you must go for an option of braiding and try to make new designs with your hair. From this type hairdo you can rock the moment and keep the thirsty and sensitive parts of hair protected. The only thing you have to do is make two v shape cornrow braids and a braid from middle exactly perpendicular to the nose. Pin the braids properly and make a ponytail also don’t forget to make the pony look fluffy. No one can overcome this black braided hairstyle which makes you look phenomenal.

Puff braids





puff braids

Braided hairstyle have always found to be a traditional, ethnic and unique style in its own way in the African American community. It protects the hair a lot from dust and other pollutant, and it means a lot to every female as they consider hair as their love. As you can see this puff braided hairstyle is combo of hair shade plus puff plus a beautiful cornrow. You will not feel regret about your selection of a shade intentionally for a bride highlight and open cornrow hair. It will make you look stunning and feels in the top of the world.

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Baby cornrows

baby cornrows

For the black women out there, you can consider for being one of the trusted, protected and low maintained hairstyle. This is the best attempt to give your hair a new, safe and professional designing look. Intentionally or non-intentionally you can become a focal point where ever you will go. Apart from an overly mesmerizing and stunning look you can shield your hair so willingly.

Goddess cornrow braid

goddes cornrow braid

Whenever you make a hairstyle you should be confident about the emerging look.  Either you hair length is long, medium or short, it will look phenomenal in all length. It is an extremely stylish, upgraded and chic hairstyle, every female should once prefer to try this out on natural hair to give a realistic look. This is one of the superb and eye catcher look.

Major highlight

major highlight

Over the top highlights makes a bold and experience look, this gives a fascinating and over well look. Braids are not all same and differ in every hair style, even if you notice, braids some time make it look curls. Younger girls may love this style because it’s less time consuming and the only thing you have to focus is to not feel afraid of rocking any moment. Apart from black braided hairstyle the combo of brown and black shade speaks a lot of appraisal.

Puff braids

puff braids

There are a lot of ways to explore cornrow hair style, and to establish a new look. Having a good texture of hair is a benediction for every hair, it depends on a girls how good she manages to keep her hair well design and clear. Puff hair is simultaneously famous in straight hair, by the evolution here is a new puff hairstyle for curly hair which will make you look phenomenal.

Red braid

red braids

Sometimes it becomes equally responsible and a dutiful to protect your hair as well as keeping it fashionable. If you don’t have any idea about hair style and shade, then you must try this hair style with burgundy shade which switch up your day to day hair style. You will feel over welled and equally represent a unique hairstyle. Transformation from black braided hairstyle to red braided hairstyle will transform an upgrade glow about you.

Twisted braid

twisted braid

If you are looking for a festive season’s hairstyle, then here is an accessorized, classy and elegant look. It jazzes up with all type dresses and make you look so stunning that females may get jealous from you. In fact, you can add with pair of beads and clips to tie up properly. This hairstyle will work on straight, curly or kinky hair, all will look anomalous.

curly ponytail

curly ponytail

The thing which makes this hairstyle sophisticated is because the combination of curls with braids, it also makes your work easy because you don’t have to braid from the tip to end. It will make you look gorgeous in all type occasion especially when you are on the way to plan a date. It makes a statement of showing a great personality of yours.

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