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“Her dangling braids, the color of rain”. A very famous quote about braids, as braids have always been proved the best style statement suitable for every occasion and whenever we reveal about wedding hairstyle the very first choice of ours is braids as it adds extra essence to our glamour and serve a very royal outcome. Therefore braiding your hair with different definite style is always worthy. There are almost numerous of braiding hairstyles superior in nature, but only few are best which really goes for a perfect marriage outfit. If you are really going for this time then you are really going to do well and look elegant and too favor you out here below I am mentioning some of the pretty braided hairstyles which will add glitters to your perfect wedding look.


Braided wedding hairstyles are :

Braids in cross pattern


Very deep braids stitched from one side of the head to and rolled towards the other and repeated twice with heavy fluctuating structures and fluffy edge, allow couple of long bangs to cover your face.

Back braids with curls


A heavy tied braids with one side combining from both the side and loose hanging curls till shoulders left open and hanging.

Complete braided bun


A complete braided bun, tie tough heavy different layers of braids tied and all the layers collected and tied in a complete heavy bun, allow some little tiny layers of hairs coming out.

Water fall braid



Such an alluring an pleasant style like water coming from the cascade and revealing the beauty of real natural bouncy curls, a deep long wavy braid tied crossing the back area like a tiny strip of layer with rest of the hair loosing and falling.

Fish tail braid with bangs


Fish tail braid have always been the best proving hairstyle ever, adding few extra qualities in it will be adding extra charm in it, therefore add a sweet thin crown on your head top and allow some tiny little flowing bangs cross your face .

Rolled with head band


A heavy rolled braids into different circular patterns with many sub sections and a deep head band fixing the whole hair back with layers of bangs such a wonderful combination.

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Crown braided till edges


Complete rolled hair braided into different rounding till knotty edges, the heavy braids tied from the crown area til fishy pony completing the style.

Half braided with half bangs open


A very funky fluffy and messy hairstyle one has ever seen, the open shattered hair with one line of braided string coming out from it and rest hair open, the long bangs covering the face from all around looks very charming.

Crown braided with straight opening


Such a different style that the complete crown is braided with little tiny slots and crossing and fixing along with each other in a fixed knot with rest of the hair straight like rays and left opened.

Curled braided bun with flower


A very round sized numerous of curly braids curled and rolled with perfections and then all collected and a heavy messy bun with out coming layers are tied with a heavy single piece flower stitched in that.

Interlocked messed braided pony tail


A heavy tied braided messed up curling collected and pinned in a long heavy pony tail, allow very short dreads to interlock each other, visible like a labyrinth and knot a tiny hanging of flower in a stripe and fix it.

Side braid with side bang


A very slim slot tied from one side of the ear and fasten into a heavy loose messed bun at one corner on the opposite side with rest of the hair remaining pinned properly.

So here were mentioned some of the best braided hairstyles which are really appropriate and suitable for your wedding season, try some of this. I have also mentioned some other braided hairstyles in my previous post which was wedding hairstyle for long hair, you can have suggestions from there and delicate some because they are really spanking when really experienced.

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