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Braided Wedding Hairstyles – How To Style

Braided up-do

Braided hairstyles for your wedding braided up-do

Another mind blowing braided wedding hairstyle is this braided up-do style which is the collection of two-sided braid lifted up and rounded up there after a bun. You can also try this, it may look confusing but actually, it’s not. You can do it if you follow these clear instructions.

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How to do?-

braided updo style for wedding

  • Comb and arrange your hair properly free from all tangles.
  • Leave the bangs to fall in the face framing way.
  • Make two side sections of your hair and leave it opening at two sides leaving the rest of the hair combed back and trapped in a low bun.
  • The two sides will be braided and secured with the rubber band.
  • Collect both the sides and in a crossing way pin it towards back of the ear.

If you are still confounded that how exactly you can do that just have a look at this video for a perfect look.


Rope braided side bun

rope side braid for wedding season

This is another exciting braided wedding hairstyle, which is not so hard to create and a side bun with tied upside braid will be enough for this look.

How to do?-

rope braid for wedding season

  • Comb your hair properly and arrange it in a side-parted way.
  • Collecting one side of your hair make a high braid that should be of good volume and perfectly suitable for the ones with a good volume of thick hair.
  • Then collect all your hair and assemble it to the same side and make a low side bun and combine it with that braided hair.
  • Add a flower to complete your look.

You can also check the video below if you are still lacking the idea of how to complete the braid or any of the following patterns.


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