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Celebrity Fringe Hairstyle that make you Want Bang

Rose Byrne’s straight bangs

Rose Byrne’s straight bangs-celebs-fringes-hairstyle

Bangs which really don’t look like one, a straight stripped side slicked bang which goes well if you are having a straight hair just collect all your straight bangs and pin it on the other side of the ear.

Jessica Biel’s perfectly even bangs

Jessica Biel’s perfectly even bangs-celebs-fringes-hairstyle


You can cut this fringes when your hair is completely dry for sake of perfections as these bangs are really arranged in one even line as if measured before cutting. Leave the rest hair open with these short bangs.

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Fiona Bruce tousled bob with fringes

Fiona Bruce tousled bob with fringes-celebs-fringes-hairstyle

Her bangs look something different and also creates one. The round tousled bob with rounded curled bangs at the forehead. And a messy layered cut shaped from all side.

Dawn French elegant fringe

Dawn French elegant fringe-celeb-fringes-hairstyle

How cute she looks with these elegant fringe hairstyle which really suits her glowing skin. Straight chopped bangs styled with multiple highlights and glossy texture looks great.

Zooey Deschanel heavy bangs

Jessica Biel’s perfectly even bangs-celebs-fringes-hairstyle

No one can beat her bangs in beauty, her heavy multiple layers of fringes which cover her face looks like tangling beauty of rain spreading extra fragrant glow to her beauty.

Marion Cotillard elfin fringe

Marion Cotillard elfin fringe-celebs-fringes-hairstyle

If you don’t like long heavy fringes and have a short sized hair then you can also go something similar with this hairstyle of Marion where a short pixie elfin fringes are covering her very short area of forehead.

Anna Wintour classy blunt fringe

Anna Wintour classy blunt fringe-celebs-fringes-hairstyle


She has always been in her classic bob and blunt fringe which never fades away her look. A gentle classy bob with blunt stripped fringes on the forehead styled well with highlights.

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