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Celebrity Hairstyle over Age 50 – How To Style

Every one of you, like me are too fond of hairstyles, and that to when it comes to the hairstyles of celebrity your craziness goes over fence, and most of you want to have the one among them, like for me Bella Throne’s popularly known as the queen of braids, her side braided hairstyle is the favorite. I always keep analyzing how to get one, and always leave home with that same. There different cuts and styles with great combination of color really captivate one’s mind, even there simple hairstyles looks so alluring because of their little effect and plan, that how to make one. So what if you too get to know about the same ideas that how to make one and make yourself too look ravishing like them and fascinated by all. So here beneath I’m mentioning some of the best haircuts and hair styles by celebrities that you can use even in 50, no matter what your age is, they are always suitable and perfect for one’s age, skin and shape of face. All you have to do is just try to find out your favorite one and experience it and see how charming it looks.


Some of the celebrity hairstyle age over 50 are

Dana Delaney’s Gentle Curls-

Born with a straight hair her red curling’s down the hair looks so glossy, she really looks beautiful with her gentle curls.


How to get-

  1. Wash and dry your hair completely.
  2. With the help of a straightening iron make your hair complete straight.
  3. At the ends try to roll up the splits and leave hanging.
  4. The straight hair from above and rolling down look really beautiful, comb properly.
  5. With the help of a spray set it properly.


Diane Keaton gentle short


 If you are having a short bob haircut, or you are facing continuous hair fall then you can really go for this type of hairstyle by Diane Keaton’s.


How to style?

  1. Make your hair cut short till neck.
  2. Comb it partially in a messy way.
  3. With the help of an iron try to make some of the hairs straight fall towards your face.
  4. Set this look properly.

Madonna’s Long Layers-

If you have a long hair and you really don’t know what to do with it, then you can surely practice this kind of bouffant.


How to style?

  1. Make your hair completely clean and smooth with a good quality conditioner.
  2. Make your hair first completely straight, with the help of a straightening iron.
  3. Then gently at the sides make curling’s, leaving the middle portion.
  4. Make curls till last and repeat it.
  5. With the help of a spray or gel set this look.

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Jane Fonda’s Modern Shag-

It is the best hairstyles that makes her look dam hot even in 50, the gentle fluffy short layers till neck really look good and classy.jane-fondas-modern-shag


How to get?

  1. Wash and dry your hair properly.
  2. Make your hair first simply cut in a bob style.
  3. With the help of a straightening iron, form layers on your hair and make it set in a zig-zig mushy way.
  4. Set it with a light spray.

Andie MacDowell’s Long Curls-

If you are having long hair and love curling’s then you can go with the one same as Andie MacDowell’s.


How to trait?

  1. Make your hair cut long till shoulders.
  2. With the help of a curling iron curl collecting all the parts.
  3. Set it with a hair spray.

Suzanne Somers’ Long Shag-

If you love Frenches then try this long Frenches shag beehive.

Suzanna-Somer- long-shag

How to style?

  1. Wash your hair with shampoo and conditioner properly.
  2. Make it completely straight from all sides.
  3. Have a blunt cut in sharply waves at the end.
  4. Allow your front Frenches to cover your forehead.
  5. Pat this look properly.

Helen Mirren’s Bob with Bangs-


If you feel like managing a long hair is really disgusting for you, and you are bit confused that the short ones aren’t going to must your personality then you are completely wrong, because a bangs with bob really go too voguish.


How to design-

  1. Make your hair short till neck, apply a bob cut.
  2. Allow your front hair to be shaped in Frenches and cover your head.
  3. Comb properly and set this look.


Jodie Foster’s Shaggy Bob-



If you want to manage your hair but don’t want to go through a very short bob cut, then you can make the length short till your shoulders and enjoy this style.

How to style-

  1. Make your hair short till shoulders.
  2. Make a wavy creation at the ends with the help of a gel.
  3. Set this look and comb properly.


Gisele bunches be achy waves-

If you are too fond of waves then you can surely go for Gisele bunches achy waves, the waves in the end really give it a volume effect creates a bulky effect which looks to good. A straight hair with waves at down is best for an evening party.


Straight bob of Emma Thompson-


You can go for the straight bob haircut by Emma Thompson, who really looks hot with the short layers of bob covering her head.

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