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Celebrity Short Hairstyles

It seems you are too very fond of different latest hairstyles like me because I too get curious regarding different trendy hairstyle and my search completes on different hair designs adopted and styled by the celebs. I always get confused that how can they similarly look so gorgeous even without makeup and my minds keep confounding me to know the answer and finally I get one that hairstyles are the reason with really effect the personality a lot. Even if you are in a hurry and have no time for makeup a perfect hairstyle can fill your outlooks to a certain limit and you can shine. Therefore as we all are very fond of getting a same hairstyle inspired from one of the celebrity who ever has fascinated us. Now when you have been greatly stirred with their short hairstyles as keeping a short hair is the upcoming fashion now days and have started from them itself. So at that particular point of time you can go for some of the famous short hairstyles by notables and there are numerous of names with short hairstyle which really look stunning. It’s quite uncommon to check each hairstyle of a common celebrity so to help you out here for now I am mentioning some of the famous short haircuts and hairstyles by some of the most popular and famed personalities. You can go through them choose and appropriate one for you and get an admirable look like them.



Celebrity short hairstyles are:-


Carey Mulligan Short Hairstyles – Chic short soft blonde bob with bangs

celebrity-short-hairstyle-Carey Mulligan Short Hairstyles – Chic short soft blonde bob with bangs

For a fine sweet shining hair, this short bob hairstyle is too flattering and goes so pretty on her face. The plenty of cuts and layers gives it an extra volume and effect, the side combed flowing swept bangs goes so classy. This is a perfect choice for smoothing your facial feature. This hairstyle perfectly fit with a light makeup and sweet smile makes you look dainty.

Katy Perry Short Hairstyles – Pink and apricot blonde bob Layered Razor Cut

celebrity-short-hairstyles-for-women-Katy Perry Short Hairstyles – Pink and apricot blonde bob Layered Razor Cut

No matters if you don’t like simple bob what if you could color it and enlighten it. The apricots highlight with new trendy shape that is glittering above all over her face gives you an extra warm pasted effect and looks fantastic. It goes good on any face and no one can deny that it’s really attracts one.

Miley Cyrus Short Hairstyles – Edgy blonde ‘short-back-and-sides’ boy cut –



Fed up of a girly character and want to up hold with a classy tom boy look, then you can get this bleached blonde look completely edgy and cool when styled into a pompadour way. These tiny haircuts with cordial outlook and a sexy platinum personality, the vintage short side backs are the trendiest look. Just leave longer at the crown area and set it in a side swept fringe and be confidently ready for any occasion.

Katherine Heigl Short Hairstyles – Curly film star glamour –

celebrity-short-hairstyles-Katherine Heigl Short Hairstyles – Curly film star glamour –


Such a glamourous and beautiful style one has ever seen, this style educe the vintage beauty and looks classy flirty for all kinds of shaped faces. The numerous layers of haircut with many curls really add volume to hair. The delicate color of pale gold adds an ironing texture to the real hair, it is perfect for a special occasion.

Anne Hathaway Short Hairstyles – Platinum-blonde pixie with side-swept vibe –

celebrity-short-hairstyle-for-women-Anne Hathaway Short Hairstyles – Platinum-blonde pixie with side-swept vibe –

It is a very famous haircut for short thick hair, it’s a great choice if you are planning to go with such kind of styling. It is a perfect cut for straight hair as it allows volume to create a sweet face framing style. A light make up with heavy eye mascara and this haircut suits on every kind of face and tone.

Jessie J Short Buzz Cut for Women: close-shave

celebrity-short-hairstyle-for-women-Jessie J- Short- Buzz -Cut- for- Women-close-shave

If you are fed up of managing your hair daily and want to get a style which is hand relief, clean and neat especially for summer then you can adopt this a very short hairstyle. A clean cut short shaved blonde haircut, it is a very popular hairstyle among the mod girls, its looks so hot when you come out with such a crew cut.

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