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Charlize Theron Hairstyles

Charlize Theron is an American and south African actress, producer and fashion model born on 7th august 1975 as we all know much about her so I shouldn’t waist our time introducing her, apart from all she is basically known and popularized because of her round oval pretty face on which some of her famous trendy hairstyle suits too much and makes her look complete alluring even in such a matured age. Her different short and long hairstyles which she keeps on changing and adopting new ones add stars to her look and really goes with her personality because of her perfection as she knows what’s right for her and which one is really going to save her round heart shaped face. So even if you are having a same outline of face like her or a round oval face or want to get a kind of hairstyle she is implementing and making people fascinated towards her, then to favor you out here below I am mentioning of the trendy, classy and latest hairstyles and haircuts by Charlize Theron you can easily go through them and experience one on your face.


 Some hairstyles of Charlize Theron are –

Charlize Theron short haircut

Side swept bangs


Neatly combed and side parted fixed at one side, a straight short bob cut till neck line with layers at the edges.

Curly bob


A very short neck line bob with tangy small curls, combed in a middle parted way and flowery edges looks so dainty.

Side short bang with bob


A short neck line bob with side parted of layers and short bangs combed parted in upper layers.

Charlize Theron pixie haircut

Curved pixie


A very short pixie cut with round curved layers at the crown area is the best soothing hairstyle ever noticed.

Very short pixie


A very short layered pixie with a simple side parting and highlights is such a simple, decent and glossy look.

Textured pixie


A natural short textured pixie with moderate highlights such a cute, sweet and dainty alluring look.

Charlize Theron  aeon flux haircut

Layered aeon flux hairstyle


A deep layered moderate cut in chin lengths and layered deep black color sparkles, long straight side falling bangs.

Asymmetrical aeon deep flux




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