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Classy Hairstyle for women over 50 – How To Style

Hair is the most precious part of female body no matter what the age is because wrinkles can make down your complexion after a certain age, but the hair remains the same and is something which can even make you look younger if you are under a perfect hairstyle. No one can confine you until you are a youth but as you step into a middle age, you are trapped with certain formalities, like you have to look decent along with being gorgeous. As you go to a high age, you feel you are no more to look alluring but it’s not kind a true, beauty is not defined by age and no infancy can trap you from looking fascinating. You do a lot to look younger yet, but sometimes you lacked up with your hairstyle which plays the most vital role on your body to look better, one should not neglect that, in spite of doing so you should learn about certain hairstyles that could match your look and make you look not only gorgeous but also decent even in 50.

Most of you think choosing up with different latest alluring hairstyles can mark a caprice on your look as you are no more at the age to look classy, so you think wrong because to look good is not a crime no matter what the age is. All you have to do is to with a perfect hairstyle that can serve you a look which looks delicate, divine, solicit, and appreciated.

What are the hairstyles that could match up to your face?

Obvious there are thousands of hairstyle, one even for your face, adopting one among them can help you to look much better and charming. So here below are mentioned name and tips of different hairstyles you can easily embrace them according to your face and choice.

Some classy hairstyles for women above 50 are:- 


If you want to look restive, you can surely practice this hairstyle, this prolonged wave in your head can make you serve a very childish appearance and can prove a playful childish option.





How to style:

Step 1– Prepare clean, dry hair with light hold working a good hair spray.

Step 2– Serene and spike layers up in the apex area using a straightening iron for maximum volume.

Step 3– Create a pierce brim with soft, face-shingle stratum.

Step 4– Set this look with a light hold hairspray.

This looks suitable for almost all kind of face shapes, but goes good on fine medium hair, you can wear this hairstyle for a faddish substitute.



 Extend your platinum blonde to a new clarifying two coned crops.





How to style?

Step 1– Prepare drizzly hair with a light soothing lotion.

Step 2– Make the hair dry with a blow dryer or a paddler brusher to make its volume a bit higher.

Step 3– Make the short layers bland in the crest area, using a long straitening iron.

Step 4- Finish up with a light holed hair spray.

        This looks suitable on an oval shaped round faces, you can eventually go for one if you are having a straight medium hair.



 This sweet bobby haircut will intensify with sprint, a deep black sensation of a flowery arrant set against a deep hazel layer is really alluring.



How to style?

Step 1– Prepare drizzly hair with a light weight soothing lotion.

Step 2– Make it complete dry using a drier a paddler brush depending on the weight you desire.

Step 3– Make a side parting and tassel the rest part to one side

Step 4– Set this look with a light hold hairspray.

Its looks relevant to round or oval faced shapes, and goes good on medium thick hair.

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 It is a waved bob spiced up hairstyle with a red turmeric color at the end.





How to style?

Step 1– Make curling’s on your hair with a hair roller or an enhancing lotion.

Step 2– Create two partings of the hair with a wide comb, so that it looks clean.

Step 3– Compress your hair with the help of your fingers to enlarge the natural swell mode.

Step 4– With the help of a medium held whole spray set this look.

Its suits on heart shaped, square faces also on oval one. If you are having a medium thick hair.


 If you are having a very long hair its sounds too good for this hairstyle, you can do wonders by decoding the spiral curls into modern shape.






How to style?

Step 1– Make your hair look curl with enhancing lotion or texturizer.

Step 2– Make your hair dry completely, you can use a blow dryer or a diffuser but be sure that they are attached on a low medium heat.

Step 3-Make a very low separation of curls near toppings

Step 4– Set this look with the help of a spray.

This is a suitable hairstyle for all kinds of faces and hair.


This is a classy neck based bob cut hairstyle which looks a very high coffee colored with cinnamon tones


 How to style?

Step 1– Make your hair look a very light weight with minimum volume.

Step 2– Part your hair according to your choice making it complete dry and fluffy, make the ends look sleeker.

Step 3– Set this look with a spray lightener.

Looks good on almost all shapes of faces especially on white oval shaped faces, and on thick long hair.



This is a very high volume, soothing waves meeting a very wanton look, especially if you are going for an evening party or late night dinner.






How to style?


Step 1– Make your hair look clean and dry with a very light holding hair spray.

Step 2– Make a deep side parting with back comb collecting the base of your hair all over.

Step 3– With a large curling iron make very thick waves which should look too soft and fluffy

Step 4-Wrap your ends with finger.

Step 5– Create light separations.

Step 6– Make a set over with this look by locking it with a spray.

If you are having a round oval shape faced with a medium hair, you are completely suitable for this hairstyle.


The heavy curls and waves modify the look of your dark red brown hair.




How to style?                                                                     

Step 1– Damp your hair with a soft textured lotion.

Step 2– Make your hair dry with the help of a drying brush.

Step 3– Make a very light curls and waves at the hand with the help of curling iron, be sure don’t give a very high pressure, you can also straighten up if you are very fond of straight hair.

Step 4– Brush your hair to make separate hairs and cover the fullness.

Step 5– Lock your hair with a light weighted hair spray.

It is a soothing look for almost all kind of faces. A heavy volume silky hair is perfect.

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