Cool Quick and Easy Hairstyles for Little Girls

Side parted twisted bob cut

hairstyles for little girls curly bob cut

A side parted twisted bob cut with deep flicks at the edge and small curled up rounding. This style seems to be specially made for small kids where a side-parted curly bob cut will be styled with a funky clip at one side and the rest of the hair will be curled up with the help of a curling iron and then left open. Choose the side which you find appropriate.

Straight and short bob cut

hairstyles for little girls straigh and short bob cut

A straight and side parted bob cut is a very simple and decent look but yet looks very stylish. A perfect style for the kids who are school going and want a suitable charming hairstyle. You can get this straight hair look with the help of a straightening iron.

Natural short and curly

hairstyles for little girls natural short and curly

A very short and curly haircut which can also be natural is something for which you don’t need to do a lot of labor. Small rounding of fluffy curls with loose flicks spread all over the face and equal in size from all areas. The curls can also be made with the help of a curling iron.

Short braided ponytail

hairstyles for little girls short braided pony tail

A short hair when tied up to be a ponytail never looks bad but instead makes you look cute so try out this on your little princess with their little hair. Try to make it look more creative by adding the braids which are not so hard to do and will look really stunning once done. A short hair braided ponytail hairstyle will add to the cuteness of little girls.

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Braided crown with opened hair

hairstyles for little girls braided bangs

Another simple and creative style for the ones with long hair are Braided crown with opened hair, where your crown area will be braided with a long stripe of layers which will start from one corner and will end up towards the other. Leave rest of the hair open and hanging with some soft curls at the lower areas and edges.

Straight layers with straight bangs

hairstyles for little girls straight layers with straigt bangs

A Straight layer with straight bangs can make the small girls look gorgeous. So style your princess this way where all the layers will be straight and long. The bangs will also be straight, long and will be arranged at the forehead. The rest of the hair will be left open. You can get this straight hair with the help of a straightening iron.

Straight bob cut with straight bangs:

hairstyles for little girls straight bob cut with straight bangs

The short hair with straight features can be a perfect one for such look. A straight bob cut with a straight bang with front falling straight cut layers and a side assembled bobby pin makes it look cute.

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