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Crimped Hairstyles for 2021

Ultra dark brown crimped hairstyle


You have a great chance to show the real heavy waves of your hair when you style it with crimps. The long wavy style with short tiny crimps and heavy pasted brown colors look great.

Crimped pig tail pony


Pig tail pony goes so dainty and gives you an extra cute look especially when styled with crimps. Tied heavy crimps on your hair and mark two puffed one sided pony tail.

Crimped bun layered updo


A heavy crimped bun collected and wrapped upward in a puffed style with extra layers and edgy lifts of ends.

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Crimped half up do


Half up do for a thicker hair is best preferred hairstyle for crimped which is a convenient and ravishing and convenient style that really looks stunning.

Crimped with bangs


A heavy crimped open hair with loose curls and flattering and a heavy messed up straight falling bangs covering the forehead. Add extra highlights with goes much attractive the highlighted looks will be more seductive.

Crimped bob hairstyle


Short bob haircut touching the neck line with extra layered effects. Middle parted creeped with extra linings and edgy end with fluffy cuts.

Crimped open puffed half hair


A half updo opened hair with puffed up front lining and pinned back half crimped braided hair. Long hair touching the shoulders lines with extra lining creeped effects.

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