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How to Curl your Hair without Heat – Tips & Tricks

Obviously, like me even you seem to be a great fan of curly hair, but unfortunately not having one. Some of us are naturally blessed with curly hair they are the real lucky ones on earth according to me. But for now it’s not difficult to have a curly hair as there are many chemical based formulas available in the market that can make have round curls. Even the hair rollers from which you can easily manage a curly hair simply sitting at home and they are really easy. But always going with these formulas are not good as the chemicals can make your hair curly for a while, but will also serve damage and roughness to your tresses. Also the heat up roller method which is too simple compared to others is not a good choice in which all of your hair is heated up and burned under a solution and hair gets really damage and spoiled under it, so it’s better to avoid all these as much as possible, but you can give up anything for a curly hair as it serves extra charm on each kind of face and makes you look bubbly. Obviously go for curly hair but not in the form of giving and losing your real goodness of hair. There are many simple, short methods that are very natural and easy which can simply curl your hair and even without spoiling or damaging your hair much. So here below some of the easy hand based natural methods are mentioned over here that can easily make your hair look curly and will gently polish your texture without any kind of damaging.


Methods for Curling hair without heat are –

Boxer braid


Box braid are well known by all of us as apart from being beautiful it also becomes too easy to manage the. When you tie a hard plated box braid and leave it for a couple of time your hair becomes the same. The plotted patterns gives a round up form and your hair is left curly.

Sock bun


You can get beautiful curls while sleeping, tie a long tight pony tail. Place a soak at the end of your pony. Roll your hair many a times in short round ups and fix it under the rubber band leave it and fix the setup with short bobby pins and leave it till night.

Pin curls


Take short round bobby pins and part your hair in different long sections then roll all the patterns. Then collect the whole section and roll it on the top base bun and secure it there. Leave it for a while and then open gently you will find small pattern curls on your loose tresses.

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Pig bun


Water your hair with a light water hair spray and then make two different sections. Roll down each the section from base and with  your hands make it hard and tight then secure your look at the crown area.

Head band


Head band is the best way to secure your look with curls. Collect your front falling and comb it back with the help of rubber band make the left tresses completely fixed up with rubber band and leave this style for a while.



Braiding your hair tightly is never out of fashion and you will really love it when this will also serve you a great positive effect of curly hair. Tightly two side braided pony tail is such a simple and sweet style but yet very helpful for curly hair.



Straight short wooden log can be also useful, take a piece of straight log you can also use pen or pencil and roll up your parted patterns of hair in different sections place your hair under the pillow and go to sleep it will be good if you use this formula at night. At the morning gently remove the obstacle and leave your hair open.



Oil always gives extra nourishment to your hair. mix up drops of water with oil and with your fingers apply it on your hair and then curl it with the help of rubber band and plaits and leave it for a while then wash off you will find short gentle curls on your hair.

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