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Curly Hairstyles for Little Girls – How To Style

Parents like you go too concerned to plan a perfect outfit for your kids, and obviously, you should. Especially for the girls because they are a much sensitive case to go through in the sense of styling. Chiefly when it comes to the hairstyle of your little girls’ stubborn then you have to be very attentive and conscious about her look. But no need to worry, there are even thousands of hairstyles for your child’s hair, but now if you are at the option of curly hair so let’s do a lot about that and this time, it should be something creative and should perfectly suit your darling.  So here below are mentioned some of the easy curly hairstyle ideas, you can choose one according to you and make it look better on your kids’ appearance.


Curly hairstyles for girls are –

Swept away

An easy manageable sweet thick hairstyle to make your princess look cuter.





How to style?

  • Comb the hair properly, apply conditioner so that it don’t take much of the time in combing.
  • Leave the upper hair straight, and curls down the lower one.
  • Manage the front falling with the hairband place it back.

Curly sue

This bouncy curly bob with pinned textured and fluffy waves at the neckline is a great curly hairstyle for little girls that looks so kid friendly.

curly-hairstyles-for-little-girls-Curly sue


How to style?

  • Comb and make fix dry curls.
  • Grab a top square or triangle section of hair and secure with an elastic band or a funky baby clip.

Braided beauty

Even your tiny ones will look hot with this amazing braided hairstyle.




How to style?

  • Make curls on hair till shoulder length.
  • Part the hair in two side sections and choose the area you want to braid.
  • Braid the hair to one side and lock it with a pin or hairband properly.

Side bangs

If you want to see your child with hair look of fluffy bangs you can obviously make this style appearance on them.

curly-hairstyles-for-little-girls-Side bangs


How to style?

  • Part hair to the side out of the shower and style and dry your curls as you usually would for your hair type.
  • Section and separate out the front falling bangs.
  • With a flat iron make it fall on the forehead.

Soft textured

Alike the name it is very simple soft falling hair, the natural curls falling the back shows an over whelming alluring dilemma.

curly-hairstyle-for-little-girls-Soft textured


How to style?

  • Very simply comb all the hair backward.
  • Fix it back with a ribbon or hair band.

Bouncy bangs

Obviously, you can have bangs with curly hair, just keep the hair long till shoulders and have a soft textured face framing.


curly-hairstyles-for-little-girls-Bouncy bangs


How to style?

  • Use a wide comb to brush the bangs separately.
  • With the help of a roller or curling cream curl out all of the hair.
  • Make front hair cover the face and rest falling back.

Classy curly pig tail

The pigtail is the best option for little girls specially when they are going school, two pony short curled pony tails sounds so nice.

curly-hairstyles-for-little-girls-Classy curly pig tail


How to style?

  • Comb the hair properly in middle partial.
  • Braid each section with curly layers coming out.
  • Pin it properly.

Pin curl bangs

However it is a lengthy process but very suitable if your girl is going for a party, or you are taking her along with you to a night dinner.

curly-hairstyles-for-little-girls-Pin curl bangs


How to style?

  • Comb and set your hair properly with a gel.
  • Part into different layers, and roll down each one.
  • Let the front hair fall in the forehead.
  • The back hair can be made a curled pony tail or a bun.
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