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Curly Hairstyles for Little Girls – How To Style

Rag roller curls

Different tied up rolls with ribbon on the crown area and fluffy edges falling down.



How to style?

  • Comb and set the hair properly.
  • Collect every pattern of curled hair on a roller and pin it making a bun.
  • Make three to five sections of bun with same repeated process and lock it properly.

Messy triple curly bun

This is the perfect style to lock the long heavy hair if your kids are unable to handle them properly.

curly-hairstyle-for-little-girls-Messy triple curly bun


How to style?

  • Comb the hair properly and divide it in three different sections.
  • With the help of your fingers knot out and fix each of the hair thoroughly.
  • Make three buns combining each other and fix it properly.

Intricate curled variation on side braids

 Latest and stylish hairstyle to hold up with a simple long pony tail with side braiding and a ribbon tied at the crown area.

curly-hairstyles-for-little-girls-Intricate curled variation on side braids


How to style?

  • Comb the hair properly and make three parts.
  • Make braids with the two sides and lock them between into the middle pony tail with fluffy curls which add volume to the edges.
  • Lock this hairstyle properly with clips and hairband.


The water fall braid

It is the famous braiding hairstyle suitable for all occasion but this time, your little princess is going to rock with this.

curly-hairstyles-for-little-girls-The water fall braid



How to style?

  • Make braids at the back of your hair locking it to the side ears.
  • Curls the lower hanging sections and leave it open.
  • The braids should interlock each other, knotting each one.
  • Lock the style properly.

Twisted ballerina bun

It looks so royal and obviously, your sovereign will shine with it.

curly-hairstyles-for-little-girls-Twisted ballerina bun


How to style?

  • Comb and part hair in two different sections.
  • Roll down both the sections and make a pony tail.
  • Knot and fix both the side pony tail crossing each other.
  • Make a heavy tight bun of the rest falling of hair.


Short curly pony tails with curly bangs

A very sweet simple and sophisticated look suits for all occasions.

curly-hairstyle-for-little-girls-Short curly pony tails with curly bangs


How to style?

  • Simply comb all the hair backward.
  • Collect and make a high pony tail back.
  • Let the front layers fall on your head.

Bob curly bangs

A very cute and stylish look with short curly bangs covering the face.


curly-hairstyle-for-little-girls-Bob curly bangs

How to style?

  • Leave the small tiny bob curls in a mushy way.
  • Let the front bangs cover the face and rest the whole of from all sides.
  • Set this look with a hair gel.
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